The septage management program is responsible for assuring that septage (which is a fluid mixture of untreated and partially treated sewage solids, liquids and sludge of human or domestic origin which is removed from a septic tank system) is managed in a responsible, safe and consistent manner across the state. The major areas of emphasis in the septage management program are: the permitting of septage management firms, land application sites, and treatment and detention facilities; development of applicable laws and rules; and providing technical/problem solving assistance to septage management firms, the general publlic and for the Section.

The Solid Waste Section does not have the statutory authority to issue permits for the installation of domestic septic systems (e.g. tanks and /or nitric field lines).  That authority lies with and is the responsibility  of your local government (i.e. county or other municipal government).  Please contact your local health department for further information specific to your location.   

North Carolina Septage Management Rules 15A NCAC 13B .0830-.0846

Overturned Truck Procedure

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Restaurant Training

Information for those starting a new septage business in North Carolina or for those bringing their current septage business into North Carolina.

Septage Management Firm or Facility Permit

Septage Management Firm Application Materials for 2017

Application Materials

Authorization Forms

Waste Water Treatment Plant Authorization Form
This form is used as a proper authorization to discharge septage to a wastewater treatment facility. Please submit the ORIGINAL notarized form to the Division of Waste Management.

Land Application
This form is used for authorization to discharge septage at a septage land application site permitted to someone other than yourself. Please submit the ORIGINAL form to the Division of Waste Management.

This form is used for authorization to discharge septage at a septage treatment or storage facility permitted to someone other than yourself. Please submit the ORIGINAL form to the Division of Waste Management.

Restaurant Application

For restaurants that would like to clean their own grease interceptors must have a septage management firm permit.

Septage Management Facility Application Materials for 2017

2017 Septage Management Firm Training Classes

The class schedule for continuing education credits needed to obtain a 2017 Septage Management Firm Permit is posted below. For a septage management firm permit 4 firm training hours are required EACH year. For anyone operating their own septage land application site (SLAS), 3 land application training hours are required EACH year.

2017 Continuing Education Class Dates

NC Pumper Group & Portable Toilet Group
NC Septic Tank Association (NCSTA)

Disposal Locations for Septage in NC

Septage Land Application Site (SLAS)

Guidelines for a New Septage Land Application Site

Please review this document if you are considering applying for a new septage land application. This document will walk you through the process of obtaining a septage land application permit.In regard to application submittal, the application fee (if required), SLAS application, a notarized landowner authorization form, vicinity map, aerial photo, nutrient management plan, soil evaluation and analyses with metals where applicable must be addressed before an application can be considered complete. All application forms submitted need to be originals.

Forms for a Septage Land Application Site Permit

Application Forms

Landowner Authorizations

Septage Detention or Treatment Facility (SDTF)

Forms for a Septage Detention or Treatment Facility Permit

Application Forms

Landowner Authorization Forms


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