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Parmele groundbreaking group photo
Groundbreaking ceremony, Parmele, 7/27/2018. Congressman G. K. Butterfield, State Senator Erica Smith, State Representative Shelly Willingham and DEQ's Division of Water Infrastructrue Director Kim Colson joined Parmele Mayor Jerry McCrary and several other Parmele-area leaders to celebrate sewer system rehabilitation and renovation in Parmele.


At a July 2018 groundbreaking in Parmele celebrating the town's sewer improvements, Parmele Mayor Jerry McCrary eloquently captured the spirit of the power of upgraded water infrastructure to improve quality of life for a town. Introducing the event, Mr. McCrary said,  
   "We are here today to commemorate the fruit of our efforts and say thank you to the North Carolina Division of Water Infrastructure, the North Carolina Department of  Environmental Quality and the State Water Infrastructure Authority for their review and generous award. Not only by providing the funds to enable us to improve, rehab and renovate our aged sewer infrastructure, but to provide it with 100 percent grant funding - allowing us not to incur extended years of loan payments. With this funding, we’ll be able to meet the growing needs of our community in a more efficient manner and provide a better quality of life for our citizens and spur growth in our economic development plan – not just for today – but also for the future.”
The town of Parmele received $1.1 million in wastewater funding through the Division of Water Infrastructure's State Reserve Program, approved by the State Water Infrastructure Authority.