Asset and Inventory Assessment Grants


  • The Asset Inventory and Assessment grants were created in Session Law 2015-241 in the changes made to NCGS 159G, to broaden the use of grant funds to encourage water and wastewater utilities to become more viable and more proactive in the management and financing of their systems.
  • The grants are limited to $150,000 from the Wastewater Reserve or the Drinking Water Reserve, over a period of three years, to the same local government unit or nonprofit water corporation.
  • The Affordability Criteria do not limit the grant percentage or the eligibility for these grants.
  • A match is required based on how Local Government Unit indicators of percent population change, poverty rate, median household income (MHI), percent unemployment, and property valuation per capita compare with the state benchmarks.

Types of Funding Available

  • Grants 

 Eligible Applicants

  • Local Government Units 
  • Nonprofit Water Corporations

 Eligible Projects

  • Asset Inventory
  • Condition Assessment of critical assets
  • Other components of critical assets.


Contact Mathew Rushing at (919) 707-9060 or via email at or Logan Kluttz at (919) 707-9157 or via email at with application and eligibility questions. 

Application Deadlines:

The application deadline for Fall 2021 project funding is Sept. 30, 2021.