Funding Programs and Application Information

The division provides low interest loans and grants for local governments and certain other non-profit entities for water infrastructure through the programs listed below.

Contact us if you need assistance determining which program is the best fit for your project needs!

Application Process

  • Applications are accepted either once or twice per year, depending on the funding program.
  • Depending on the funds available and the number of applications received, funding awards are often competitive.
  • Each application includes a priority rating form that evaluates the proposed project in terms of need for the project, environmental benefits, system management, and financial situation. 
  • After the deadline for each funding round, the division reviews all applications and assigns priority rating points as described in the guidance based on information provided in the application.
  • The division ranks the projects in priority point order and makes recommendations to the State Water Infrastructure Authority.
  • The authority is responsible for making final decisions for project funding.

Application Training Dates and Locations

Application Training for Fall 2020 Funding Round