Current Reclassification Proposals


  • Proposed Removal of EPA Disapproved Swamp Classification and a portion of the management plan for a section of the Lower Cape Fear River in Brunswick and New Hanover Counties (Cape Fear River Basin): WQC Meeting Agenda - September 2019 and November 2019; EMC meeting Agenda - January 2020
  • Proposed Addition of Unique Wetlands Classification to Sandy Bottoms Wetlands in Buncombe County (French Broad River Basin): WQC Meeting Agenda - July 2019 ; EMC  Meeting Agenda - September 2019
  • Proposed Reclassification of a Portion of the Sandy Creek Water Supply Watershed (including Sandy Creek Reservoir) in Guildford and Randolph Counties (Cape Fear River Basin) from WS-III (Balance of Watershed or BW) to Class WS-III Critical Area (CA): WQC Meeting Agenda - January 2018 (reclassification is included in the rule readoption process for 15A NCAC 02B .0100, .0201-.0231, and .0300 Classifications and Standards for the Protection of Surface Waters); EMC Meeting Agendas: March 2018 (attachment C page 45) and July 2019 (EMC approved); October 2019 RRC approved (Rule became effective November 1, 2019); and February 2020 Submittal to EPA requesting approval of rule to implement proposed reclassification. 


To receive a copy of an agenda for a meeting above that is not posted to this webpage or if you need further information on a reclassification proposal, contact the Classification, Standards and Rules Review Branch staff.