This web page contains links to North Carolina Administrative Code (NCAC) rules used by the Division of Water Resources (DWR). The webpage also contains a link to the North Carolina General Statutes. The Office of Administrative Hearings and NC General Assembly is responsible for maintaining the official NCAC and the official General Statutes, respectively. In addition, this web page contains ways for the public to stay informed concerning DWR's rule-making activities.

NCAC Title 15A Environmental Quality

Chapter 1 - Departmental Rules 

Subchapter 01C  Conformity with North Carolina Environmental Policy Act

Chapter 2 Environmental Management


Subchapter 02A  Organization of Environmental Management Commission


Subchapter 02B  Surface Water and Wetland Standards


Subchapter 02C  Well Construction Standards


Subchapter 02E  Water Use Registration and Allocation


Subchapter 02G Water Pollution Control System Operating Rules


Subchapter 02H  Procedures for Permit: Approvals


Subchapter 02I   Hearings


Subchapter 02J  Civil Penalties


Subchapter 02L Groundwater Classification and Standards


Subchapter 02T €“ Waste Not Discharged to Surface Waters


Subchapter 02U  Reclaimed Waters


Chapter 8 Water Pollution Control System Operation Certification Commission


Subchapter 08F €“ Certification of Operators of Animal Waste Management Systems


Subchapter 08G €“ The Water Pollution Control System Operators Rules


Chapter 18 Environmental Health

Subchapter 18A - Sanitation

Subchapter 18C Water Supplies

Subchapter 18D  Rules Governing Water Treatment Facility Operators

Helpful North Carolina Links

North Carolina Office of Administrative Hearings homepage

North Carolina General Assembly homepage



Updates: How You Can Stay Informed?


1   Subscribe to the DWR Rules Listserv to receive emails concerning rule-making announcements by simply sending a blank email to: Joining the listserv gives you access to the DWRrules Listserv Public Archive.