Municipal Unit: NPDES, Pretreatment and Collection System

The Municipal Unit - NPDES, Pretreatment, and Collection Systems controls and documents the discharge of wastewater from Significant and Categorical Industrial Users to the Publicly Owned Treatment Works, is responsible for the various permitting programs for wastewater collection systems, oversees wastewater collection construction, operation.

Name Title    Phone  Primary Responsibilities
Supervisor VACANT 919-707-3624

Municipal Permitting Unit Supervisor - NPDES, Pretreatment, & Collection Systems

Nick Coco 


919-707- 3609 NPDES Permitting

Octavio Henriquez

Pretreatment Coordinator 919-707-3662 Pretreatment

Kristen Litzenberger

Environmental Program Consultant

919-707-3699 Municipal Unit Support
Keyes McGee

Pretreatment Coordinator

919-707-3626 Pretreatment

Matthew Nevills

Environmental Specialist 919-707-9130 NPDES Program Support

Marquan Martin


919-707-3613 Collection Systems

Charlie Miller

Engineer  919-707-3627 Collection Systems

Gary Perlmutter

Environmental Specialist 919- 707-3611 NPDES

Al Woodall

Pretreatment Coordinator 919-707-3608 Pretreatment

Diana Yitbarek

Engineer  919-707-9130 NPDES 

Mailing Address:
1617 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC 27699-1617

Physical Location:
512 N. Salisbury St.
Archdale Building, 9th floor
Raleigh, NC 27604

Phone: 919-707-3601