Intensive Survey Branch (ISB)

The Intensive Survey Branch (ISB) collects and interprets a variety of biological, chemical, and physical data that are incorporated in the DWR basinwide planning concept. ISB monitoring programs include the Ambient Lake Monitoring Program, Lake TMDL Studies, and other Special Studies/Intensive Surveys as requested and resources allow. Specific monitoring activities include:
• Ambient Lakes Monitoring
• Chemical sampling in water or sediment
• Physical measurements (temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen, conductivity)
• Flow/velocity/time-of-travel measurement
• Sediment oxygen demand and nutrient flux
• Channel morphology and lake bathymetry measurement
• Remote sampling


Standard Operating Procedures

Physical and Chemical Monitoring SOP 
Lakes Monitoring Quality Assurance Project Plan

Lake Special Studies

Study Plan for the Identification of Select Emerging Contaminants at Surface Water Intakes in Three North Carolina River Basins

Study Plan for the Identification of Emerging Contaminants in Jordan Lake and its Watershed

Study Plan for the Identification of Emerging Contaminants in Falls Lake and its Watershed

Jordan Lake Algaecide and Phosphorous-Locking Treatment Study

2017 White Lake Water Quality Investigation

Reports and Data

Effects of Hurricane Matthew on N.C. Surface Waters

Ambient Lakes Monitoring

Falls and Jordan Lake Monitoring

Jordan Lake Algaecide and Phosphorous-Locking Treatment Study Plan

WSS Reports and Publications

1992 Lakes Assessment Report 


Other Links

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USGS North Carolina Water Science
NC Lake Management Society
NCSU Water Quality Group

Staff Contacts

Branch Number  919.743.8403

Eric Morris
Branch Supervisor 
Sean Buczek Env. Specialist 919.743.8499
Senior Env. Specialist
Craig Hoover Env. Specialist 919.743.8413
Joe Mohn Env. Technician 919.743.8410
NC Lakes Monitoring Program Coordinator
Env. Specialist
Jill Tucker Env. Technician 919.743.8501


Water Sciences Section 1621 Mail Service Center Raleigh, NC 27699-1621