Reporting Forms

Forms for both NPDES and State General Permits

Record Keeping Forms

Record Keeping Forms (NPDES and State) Forms
 Lagoon Liquid Irrigation Field Record  IRR-1, IRR-2 
 Combined Lagoon Liquid Irrigation Field Record  IRR-1/IRR-2 
 Slurry and Sludge Application Field Record  SLUR-1, SLUR-2 
 Manure Solids Application Field Record  SOLID-1, SOLID-2 
 Freeboard and Daily Precipitation Record  FRBD-1, FRBD-1A 
Lagoon Liquid Hose Drag Application Field Record  DRAG-1 
Average Stocking and Mortality Record  STOCK-1 
 Crop Yield Record  CROP-1 
 Animal Waste Transfer Record  TRAN-1 

Reporting Forms

Reporting Forms Form

 Annual Certification Form (NPDES Only)

Annual Report Form (State General Permit)



 Phosphorus Calculation Form  Xls 
 Phosphorus Loss Assessment Tool Reporting Form  PLAT 
 Hose Drag Waste Application Data Sheet (State Permit Version)  Xls 
 Hose Drag Waste Application Data Sheet (NPDES Permit Version)  Xls 
 Manure Hauler Reporting Form  HAUL-1,HAUl-2  

 Rainbreaker Form (NPDES Only)

Rainbreaker Form (Sate General Permit)



 Animal Waste Management System Certification Form  Doc 
 Change of Integrator Form  Doc 
 Lagoon & Waste Storage Pond Closure Form  Doc 
 Lagoon Level Below Stop Pump Form  Doc 
 Operator in Charge designation Form  PDF 
 Request for Reactivation Form  Doc 
 Sludge Survey Method & Reporting Forms  PDF 
 Wettable Acres Determination Certification  Doc 
 Sludge Survey Plan of Action (POA)  PDF
 NC State University Calibration Method and Forms  Link
High Freeboad Plan of Action Forms
Plan of action cover letter
Plan of action 5-day drawdown form
Plan of action 30-day drawdown form
 Example of Animal Spill Press Release  Doc 
Distribution of Animal Residual Reporting Form RSSF
Swine Farm Waste Management – Odor Control Checklist     PDF