Sewer Extension Permitting

General Permit Information:

North Carolina Environmental Management Commission proposes to issue the following Non-Discharge wastewater collection system general permit: Non-Discharge General Permit for the permitting of shared sewer lines between accessory dwelling units/accessory residential buildings and primary residences.

State law and administrative code [15A NCAC 02T .0111] requires the Division of Water Resources to provide public notice of permitting actions through local newspapers. The Division uses the website as an additional means of sharing this information with the public. Please see the on-line calendar to learn more about wastewater permits that are currently open for comments. To receive public notices, sign up for our public notice listserv. 

Calendar and Public Notices

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Fast Track Sewer Extension Permitting

The Fast-Track Permitting program consists of the submittal of an application and an engineer's certification that the project meets all applicable State rules and Division Minimum Design Criteria.  In return, the Division provides expedited processing without a full technical review.  These projects consist of gravity sewers, pump stations and force mains or any combination of the two.

Alternative Sewer Extension Permitting

Low pressure sewer systems, vacuum sewer systems, and other alternative sewer systems must be submitted to the PERCS unit through the standard review process for a full technical review. 

Standard Sewer Extension Permitting

Projects involving an Environmental Assessment per 15A NCAC 01C .0408 or do not meet the 2T rules and current Minimum Design Criteria must be submitted to the PERCS unit through the standard review process for a full technical review.  Applications for sewers involving an Environmental Assessment shall not be considered complete until either a Finding of No Significant Impact or Record of Decision is issued.

 Attachments (use for all permit applications)

Permitting by Regulation

Projects meeting the requirements of 15A NCAC 02T .0303 are deemed permitted in accordance with 2T Subchapter .0113 and and therefore it may not be necessary for the Division to issue individual permits for coverage.  

To determine if your project meets the applicable requirements to be considered deemed permitted please contact this office or your local regional office.

Adjusted Daily Sewage Flow Design Rate (Flow Reduction)

An adjusted daily sewage flow design rate (design flow reduction) maybe requested for certain situations. Note that if the flow reduction request is granted, it is applied to permitted but not yet tributary connections and future connections tributary to the system. The request must show that the sewage system is adequate to meet actual daily wastewater flows from a facility without causing violations at the receiving wastewater treatment plant or capacity related sanitary sewer overflows within the collection system. Requests should be submitted to the PERCS unit and should meet all requirements of 15A NCAC 02T.0114(f)