Groundwater Contacts

Groundwater Resources Section: Staff Directory

Rick Bolich Section Chief Groundwater Resources Section 919-707-3671
Latoya Strickland Administrative Specialist Groundwater Resources Section 919-707-9129
UIC Program Manager
Underground Injection Control Program, Well Construction & Permitting
Shristi Shrestha Hydrogeologist Underground Injection Control Program 919-707-3662

Env Program Consultant

Groundwater Corrective Action Program
Steven Lanter Hydrogeologist Groundwater Corrective Action Program 919-707-3667
Env Program Consultant
Well Construction & Permitting, Groundwater Corrective Action Program


Mike Ranck Branch Chief Ground Water Management Branch 919-707-9032
Michael Bauer Hydrogeologist Central Coastal Plain Capacity Use Area (CCPCUA) 919-707-9004
Gabrielle Chianese Hydrogeologist Central Coastal Plain Capacity Use Area (CCPCUA) Program coordinator 919-707-9008
Mark Durway Senior Hydrogeologist Hydrogeologic framework mapping, CCPCUA program review, NGWMN program coordinator. 919-707-9018
Andy Neal Hydrogeologist Statewide monitoring well network ground water quality, data collection, management, analysis and visualization 919-707-9113
Barbara Peck Hydrogeologist Drilling Program Coordinator, Assist CCPCUA Water Withdrawal Permit Program 252-229-0287
Kalli Unthank Environmental Specialist Ground water quality data analysis, GIS visualization of ground water data.  919-707-9118
Susan Laughinghouse Monitoring Unit Head Senior Hydrogeologist, Groundwater Management Branch Monitoring Unit Head, Manage Statewide Monitoring Well Network, Drilling Program Administrator, groundwater quantity data management and analysis.  Region 3 & 6 maintenance and ground water data collection. 252-229-3349
Tony Butz Monitoring Unit Region 2 Manager Region 2 maintenance and ground water data collection. 252-229-1264
Catherine Jones Environmental Specialist Region 5 maintenance and ground water data collection. 919-707-3604
Kevin McVerry Environmental Senior Technician Region 1 maintenance and ground water data collection. 919-707-9003
Justin Williams  Environmental Specialist Region 4 maintenance and ground water data collection. 919-707-9030


Water Quality Regional Operations

Regional office staff issue permits for sewer extensions, wetland and stream impacts, and well construction. Regional offices personnel also conduct permitted facility inspections and incident investigations.

To contact your regional office representatives please click here.