NC Climate Education Network

NC Climate Education Network is a partnership of educators and scientists from across North Carolina.  

NC Climate Education Network Open House:

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January 2021 Open House Document 

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NC Climate Education Network Objective:

Provide educational materials and support for K-12 and nonformal educators to enhance scientific aspects of the curriculum, with an emphasis on climate issues and awareness.

How can this network help you?

Our vision is for every teacher in North Carolina feels confident leading class discussions and providing engaging activities for students to learn about climate issues.  We want to connect teachers with scientists and empower our students to ask questions and formulate viable solutions to ever-chaning scenarios, both hypothetical and real.   Explore our resources by topic, grade level, or just cherry-pick the materials you like.  We welcome your feedback and ideas for the future.

How can you and your students get involved?

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Winners for the Climate Resiliency Contest Announced!

Congratulations to our winners!  Thank you to the students who participated in this contest, we had over 150 submissions.  Our judges were hard at work to determine the winners as there were so many wonderful entries! 

Click here to view the Climate Resiliency Contest Submission Dashboard.

  Elementary Middle High School
Poetry Molly (Below) Katherine (Below) Cailee (Below)
Photography   Cassidy Lucienne
Drawing Victoria Ally Corey
Poetry Winners

Elementary Winner

The ice starts to melt, And so do the poor polar bears' hearts. 

All because you drove your Hummer to the mini mart! 

Flowers are in bloom. 

But is that bad? 

It is when big storms are to be had! Snow is melting sooner. 

Wild fires are ablaze. 

The whole world is in one big haze! 

The coral reefs are dying, 

The algae is all gone. 

All because you put fertilizer on your lawn! 

The world is resilient, but only if you do your part. 

And the people who are willing to help Earth are off the chart!

Molly W. 

Contentnea-Savannah School (Elementary School)

Kinston, NC

Middle School Winner

Whose polluted skies is that?

I think I know. 

The creator is quite sad though. 

It really is a tale of woe, I watch her frown and cry below. 

She gives her polluted skies a shake, With lightning striking the birds awake. 

The only other sound's the break, Of thunder shaking the humans awake.

The earth is dying, exhausted and deep, But she has promises to keep, 

Until then she shall not sleep. 

As she lies in bed with clouds that weep.

She rises from her uncomfy bed, 

With thoughts of sadness in her head, 

She idolizes being dead. 

Facing the day with never-ending dread.

Katherine W.

The Brawley School (Middle School)

Mooresville, NC

High School Winner

It's so quiet here in the future where the oceans are warm and the fires are blazing 

Smoke stacks keep coming 

glaciers are sinking 

our mother was destroyed 

why was their no logical thinking 

It's so quiet here in the future where

Earth is dull and life is decreasing

Cailee L.

Mountain Heritage High School 

Burnsville, NC


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