Wetland Information & Projects

What We Do

The Division of Water Resources wetland group conducts research projects, supports outreach and education efforts, and provides wetland information to other state agencies and the general public.

Wetland Resources

Learn More about NC Wetlands:

NCwetlands.org is a comprehensive informational resource about our state’s wetlands maintained by the N.C. Division of Water Resources (NC DWR). It includes a map of public wetlands, free educational materials for download/viewing, NC DWR wetland research project summaries, explanations of wetland laws, and more.

Read Summaries of NC DWR Wetland Projects:

NC DWR scientists have conducted over 20 major research projects on North Carolina wetlands and streams. Review the reports or download the data.

View the NC Wetland Program Plan (NC WPP):

The NC Wetland Program Plan is developed with a stakeholder group and provides a set of actions to research and protect North Carolina’s valuable wetland resources. The most recent 5-year plan (2015-2019) is being updated for 2021-2026 and will be made public in June 2021.

Download NC WAM and NC SAM:

The NC Wetland Assessment Method (NC WAM) and Stream Assessment Method (NC SAM) are rapid methods used to rate hydrology, water quality, and habitat functions (high, medium, low).

To access materials and tools for these methods:
1. Connect to RIBITS
2. On the bottom left, under FILTER – click USACE District, and select Wilmington from the dropdown menu below
3. On the left, under MENU, click Assessment Tools to view available NCWAM and NCSAM tools.

Locate 401 and Buffer Permitting Branch Information:

The US Army Corps of Engineers: Wilmington District, the NC Division of Water Resources’ 401 and Buffer Permitting Branch, and the NC Division of Coastal Management all provide permitting information for work proposed to impact NC wetlands, streams, and buffers.

Watch Educational NC Wetland Videos 

You can watch over 20 themed or location-specific educational North Carolina wetland videos or view over 4,000 free, public domain North Carolina wetland photos 

Staff Contacts

Amanda Mueller Wetland Project Organization & Communication 919-743-8480
Kristie Gianopulos Wetland Data Analysis & GIS Mapping 919-743-8479
Greg Rubino Wetland Field Work Coordination 919-743-8450
Susan Gale Wetland Mapping Project 919-743-8453