NC Stream Watch


NC Stream Watch 3.0 is Here

You know that feeling when you're near a beautiful stream and you just want to share it with someone?  NC Stream Watch invites you to learn about the streams in your own community and share with others across North Carolina.  This program is perfect for learners of all ages interested in exploring the health of their own stream and connecting with other streams around the state.


Observe Your Stream:

-Habitat Health

-Trash Tracking





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Learn about NC Streams While Exploring Your Own!

Anyone can join NC Stream Watch!  Do you teach about water or the environment?  Are you looking for ways to engage remote learners?   If you'd like to be a part of the network, just claim your stream and start completing surveys whenever you wish.  The goal of NC Stream Watch is to host observations and images of North Carolina's beautiful water resources for citizens to see what different waterways look like from different parts of the state.  NC Stream Watch is a program intended strictly for educational purposes. 

Want to share this opportunity with others?  Enjoy our Stream Watch Introduction Video.

Learn how to submit your General Observations by watching our quick NCSW How-To Video.

Learn how to complete the Trash Tracker and Habitat Assessment portion of the survey.

Ready to take a look? Get started with the NC Stream Watch Survey and the Observations Dashboard. 


Questions? Interested in becoming an NC Stream Watch Leader in your area? - Water Education Programs Coordinator