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If you'd like to be a part of the network, just claim your stream and start completing surveys whenever you wish.  If you'd like to share observations, pictures, or other data, just click on the survey of your choice below and submit the information you have. We are looking for citizens interested in joining, or just sharing their observations.  The goal of NC Stream Watch is to host observations and images of North Carolina's beautiful water resources for citizens to see what different waterways look like from different parts of the state.  NC Stream Watch is a program intended strictly for educational purposes.   

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Introducing NC Stream Watch+

Interested in taking your Stream Monitoring to the next level? 

StreamWatch+ is a supplement to the NC Department of Environmental Quality NC StreamWatch Program, with a goal of enlisting citizen scientists for collecting more rigorous data about our aquatic ecosystems across the state than generally necessitated by normal StreamWatch standard. 

To learn how to participate in NC Stream Watch+, email

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