Support Unit

Located in the Central Chemistry Laboratory building, the support unit plays a vital role in the operations of the laboratory by providing the following services: 

  • receipt and log-in of environmental samples delivered to the Central Laboratory
  • provision of sample containers, chemical preservatives and other supplies to field personnel
  • support to laboratory staff: entering information for environmental samples into LIMS (Labworks), distribution of samples to lab units, preparation of clean analytical glassware
  • oversight of laboratory maintenance, budget allowances and procurement  


Telephone and extension


Jennifer Seaver 919-733-3908 ext. 207 Laboratory budget; contracts and procurement; facility maintenance
Jennifer Seaver 919-733-3908, ext. 200 Front office; assists Chemistry Laboratory and Laboratory Certification; filing of final reports.
Thomas Ascenzo 919-733-3908 ext. 219 Contact for sample containers and supplies; receipt of environmental samples; Labworks log-in; stock and glassware maintenance
Marlene Swift 919-733-3908 ext. 217