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NC Climate Change Interagency Council

NC Climate Change Interagency Council

On October 29, 2018, Governor Cooper established the North Carolina Climate Change Interagency Council as part of Executive Order No. 80 North Carolina's Commitment To Address Climate Change And Transition To A Clean Energy Economy:

The Secretary or designee of each cabinet agency and a representative from the Governor's Office shall serve on the North Carolina Climate Change Interagency Council ("Council"), which is hereby established. The Secretary of the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality, or the Secretary's designee, shall serve as the Council Chair. The North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality shall lead the Council by providing strategic direction, scheduling and planning Council meetings, determining the prioritization of activities, facilitating stakeholder engagement, and assisting in the implementation of pathways to achieve the goals provided in Section 1 of this Executive Order.

The duties of the Council shall include the following:

   a.    Recommend new and updated goals and actions to meaningfully address climate change;
   b.    Develop, implement, and evaluate programs and activities that support statewide climate mitigation and adaptation practices;
   c.    Establish workgroups, as appropriate, to assist the Council in its duties;

   d.    Consider stakeholder input when developing recommendations, programs, and other actions and activities;

   e.    Schedule, monitor, and provide input on the preparation and development of the plans and assessments required by this Executive Order;

   f.    Review and submit to the Governor the plans and assessments required by this Executive Order.

Inaugural Meeting

The first meeting of the NC Climate Change Interagency Council is scheduled for:

When: Wednesday, Dec. 19, 2018, 9:30 am to 12 pm
Where: William G. Ross Environmental Conference Center, Nature Research Center
           121 West Jones Street, Raleigh, NC 27603


The meeting is open to the public and 30 mins will be provided for public comment.  Comments will be limited to 2 minutes. Sign up will be required.  A web conference link will also be provided. 

For additional information, please contact:
Sharon Martin
Public Information Officer