Comprehensive Utility Use Conservation Program

EO 80 directs DEQ to update and amend a Comprehensive Energy, Water, and Utility Use Conservation program to further reduce energy consumption in state buildings. 

  • Revise the Comprehensive Program to further reduce cabinet agency building energy usage
  • Promote best practices for state government buildings energy efficiency and provide training to energy managers and staff
  • Adopt a standard methodology for calculating energy consumption per gross square foot and emissions tracking toward reduction goals in Section 1
  • Encourage and assist Council of State members, higher education, K-12, and local government to further reduce energy consumption
  • Maintain agency reporting requirements pursuant to G.S. 143-64.12 (a),
  • Biennial Agency Utility Management Plan and annual Agency Utility Reports
  • Annual Utility Report that describes the Comprehensive Program and summarizes achieved reductions in energy consumption
Anticipated Timeline

Information on the current USI program:

  • January 15, 2019, collect cabinet agency energy manager information

Cabinet Agency

Energy Manager Total Square Footage % of Total Square Footage
Department of Administration Joe Baden 6,140,901 14%
Department of Commerce Joe Katzberg 261,091 1%
Department of Environmental Quality Kathleen Stahl 121,397 0.3%
Department of Health and Human Services Gary Abernathy 7,422,239 16%
Department of Information Technology Tony Brackett 163,866 0.4%
Department of Natural and Cultural Resources Tony Romaine 3,347,792 7%
Department of Public Safety Paul Braese 18,090,092 40%
Department of Revenue Matt King - 0%
Department of Transportation Eric Frazier 9,806,630 22%
Department of Military and Veterans Affairs Cecil Holt - 0%
Total Square Footage 45,354,008  


Highlights of Cabinet Agencies Plans

Energy audits of facilities  Educational training for staff
Lighting upgrades or retrofits to LEDs Developing master plan for equipment replacement
Investigate best method to track utilities Development of tenant/employee engagement
Chiller replacement to more energy efficient equipment Air handling units’ replacement/renovation
Reduce usage of excess offices/buildings Reduce personal appliances
Controls improvement Replace constant speed motors with variable speed drives
Cabinet Agencies Utility Management Plans
Department of Administration Department of Commerce Department of Environmental Quality Department of Health and Human Services Department of Information and Technology
Department of Natural and Cultural Resources Department of Public Safety Department of Revenue Department of Transportation Department of Military and Veterans Affairs
  • September 1, 2019, agency Annual Utility Reports due
  • December 1, 2019, Annual report on Comprehensive Energy Program and agency utility consumption, costs and achievements