Moving Forward with Coal Ash

Addressing coal ash at facilities across North Carolina

  • A map of coal ash facilities and storage ponds can be found here
  • A major thrust of DEQ’s work has been gathering comprehensive data about coal ash facilities statewide. The information is essential as DEQ prioritizes closure plans for all 14 facilities with coal ash storage ponds.
  • Duke Energy must provide state officials with comprehensive information as part of Governor McCrory’s Executive Order 62 on coal ash and the Coal Ash Management Act.
  • Public and private drinking water wells within 1,500 feet of each facility are being evaluated for numerous constituents that could indicate the presence of any contamination associated with coal ash.
  • DEQ is evaluating the utility’s existing wastewater discharge permits, as well as reviewing wastewater permit renewals and storm water permit applications for the coal ash facilities. The storm water and wastewater permits will be subject to public comment periods that will include public hearings.
  • Staff with the department’s dam safety program inspected all 32 coal ash impoundments and reviewed video of the piping systems at each facility. The state program identified 63 areas of concern at 30 coal ash impoundments and directed Duke to provide repair plans. The department received all 63 plans and has reviewed and approved nearly half of them

Coal Ash Excavation & Disposal

  • The state Division of Energy, Mineral and Land Resources invited public comment on draft permit modifications to state mining permit #53-05 for the Colon Mine in Lee County located five miles southeast of the City of Sanford off Brickyard Rd. and state mining permit #19-25 for the Brickhaven No. 2 Mine Tract “A” in Chatham County located six miles south of Moncure off of Moncure-Flatwood Rd. The public comment period began March 23, 2015 and ended May 16, 2015. You may view the Hearing Officer Reports for Mining Permits and Structural Fill Permits.  

Environmental Justice Reviews 

  • The state environmental department will conduct an environmental justice review of each Duke Energy coal ash landfill application and request federal review of the reports.

  • Additional environmental justice documents and information about coal ash permits can be found here.

Approved Structural Fill and Mining Permits and Applications Received by Division of Waste Management for the following proposed sites: