NPDES Permitting

Duke Energy NPDES Stormwater Permitting

Addressing Coal Ash and NPDES Permit Regulation: Information and Chronology 

Buck Steam Station

Buck Combustion Turbine Combined Cycle Station

Belews Creek Power Station

Mayo Steam Electric Generating Plant

Roxboro Steam Electric Generating Station

Cape Fear Steam Electric Plant - Chatham County

Asheville Steam Electric Plant - Buncombe County

Rogers Energy Complex - Cleveland and Rutherford Counties

(formerly known as Cliffside Steam Station)

Dan River Combined Cycle Station - Rockingham County

Sutton Combined Cycle Plant - New Hanover County

Allen Steam Station - Gaston County

Marshall Steam Station - Catawba County

Riverbend Steam Station - Gaston County

Weatherspoon Steam Station - Robeson County

NPDES Wastewater Permitting Information for Duke Coal Ash Facilities