Wendy Worley, RBAC Manager

Wendy joined RBAC in March 2003 and took the position of RBAC Manager in September 2016.  She provides business development assistance to all types of recycling companies in North Carolina and manages the Recycling Business Development Grant Program.


Mike Greene, Recycling Business Development Specialist

Mike joined RBAC in 2013 and provides general business assistance to the North Carolina recycling industry. Prior to joining RBAC, Mike was employed as a Business Development Specialist with the City of Greensboro’s Field Operations Department.


Sandy Skolochenko, Industrial Development Specialist

Sandy joined the state's recycling office in 2015 and transitioned to the RBAC team in 2016. She provides technical and business assistance to North Carolina recycling companies and manages the NC Recycling Markets Directory. Before joining RBAC, Sandy provided recycling assistance to local governments and state agencies and previously worked as the Waste Reduction Coordinator in Chatham County. 


Tom Rhodes, Environmental Specialist

On board since 1999, Tom provides technical assistance to businesses, industries and institutions. Tom conducts waste, energy and water analyses to help businesses develop robust economic growth and to promote environmental stewardship. He manages NC WasteTrader, the state's online waste exchange, and administers the P2Assist Listserv and NC GreenTravel Listserv. Tom also manages the state’s NC GreenTravel Initiative, a program that recognizes and promotes environmental stewardship in the tourism industry.


Industrial Development Specialist - Position Vacant

Organics Recycling Specialist - Position Vacant