Past Grants

Since 1995, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Division of Air Quality (DAQ) has offered individuals, businesses and organizations multiple forms of grant funding to help cover the costs of their emission reduction projects. These projects include diesel engine replacements, diesel oxidation catalyst retrofits, marine diesel repowers and many more. For more information on past grant, contact Steven Rice at 919-707-8421 or To sign up for e-mail notification of future grants, contact Phyllis Jones at 919-707-8424 or

2014 Grant Awards

Applicant: NC Department of Public Instruction
Grant Award: $102,250.
Summary: Early replacement of 5 school buses.

Applicant: Iredell County
Grant Award: $37,500.
Summary: Refuse truck replacement.

Applicant: NC DOT – Rail Division
Grant Award: $38,800.
Summary: Retrofit a locomotive with a selective catalytic reduction device.

Applicant: City of Thomasville
Grant Award: $45,000.
Summary: Refuse truck replacement


2013 Grant Awards

Applicant: Yadkin Valley Railroad
Grant Award: $759,666.
Summary: Repower a locomotive from tier 0 to tier 3.

Applicant: Western North Carolina Regional Air Quality Agency
Grant Award: $7,941.
Summary: Retrofit 5 fire trucks with diesel oxidation catalysts.
Success Story

Applicant: Warren Wilson College
Grant Award: $8,968.
Summary: Convert a campus truck from diesel to electric.
Success Story

Applicant: CSXI Charlotte
Grant Award: $14,927.
Summary: Repower a container handler.
Success Story

Applicant: The Biltmore Company
Grant Award: $37,400.
Summary: Convert shuttles and police cars to propane.
Success Story


2012 Grant Awards

Applicant: Cape Fear Siteworks (ICAN)
Grant Award: $5,875.
Summary: Replace a roll-off construction truck with a newer one.
Success Story

Applicant: Benfield Sanitation
Grant Award: $76,250.
Summary: Replace a sanitation truck with a CNG truck.
Success Story

Applicant: Wilmington Airport
Grant Award: $13,750.
Summary: Replace 2 diesel mowers with propane mowers.
Success Story

Applicant: Jamie Wescott
Grant Award: $29,045.
Summary: Repower the fishing vessel called the "Risky Business".

Applicant: Philip Carawan
Grant Award: $30,500.
Summary: Repower the fishing vessel called the "Capt Neil II".

Applicant: Dennis Foreman
Grant Award: $19,500.
Summary: Repower the fishing vessel, Misty Dawn.

Applicant: Michael Sadler
Grant Award: $18,684.
Summary: Repower the fishing vessel, Jennifer G.
Success Story

Applicant: Piedmont Triad International Airport
Grant Award: $20,000.
Summary: Replace an airport shuttle with a new shuttle.
Success Story


2011 Grant Awards

Applicant: Bath Volunteer Fire Department
Grant Award: $37,500.
Summary: Replace diesel fire equipment truck.

Applicant: Henderson County
Grant Award: $9,500.
Summary: Offset the higher cost of biodiesel over petroleum diesel.

Applicant: Cape Fear SiteWorks
Grant Award: $9,250.
Summary: Replacement of construction loader.

Applicant: Triangle J Council of Governments
Grant Award: $82,048.
Summary: Replace two City of Durham refuse trucks.
Success Story

Applicant: Trawler Christina Ann, Inc.
Grant Award: $238,500.
Summary: Repower the trawler called the "Christina Ann".

Applicant: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Grant Award: $6,000.
Summary: Offset the higher cost of biodiesel over petroleum diesel.

Applicant: Thomas Edward Newman, Jr.
Grant Award: $32,500
Summary: Repower the fishing vessel called the "Capt. Dell".


2010 Grant Awards

Applicant: Asheville Regional Airport
Grant Award: $142,500.
Summary: Replace diesel ground equipment with electric.

Applicant: Piedmont Biofuels
Grant Award: $20,624.
Summary: Infrastructure to use glycerin as boiler fuel.

Applicant: Gaston County Schools
Grant Award: $42,246.
Summary: Closed crankcase ventilation system retrofits on school buses.


2009 Grant Awards

Applicant: City of Hickory
Grant Award: $80,000.
Summary: Purchase a new compressed natural gas street sweeper to replace an old diesel one.

Applicant: Duke Energy
Grant Award: $79,882.
Summary: Repower switcher locomotive with cleaner burning engines.

Applicant: Foothills Biodiesel
Grant Award: $45,000.
Summary: Biodiesel infrastructure: heated biodiesel tank, etc.

Applicant: Triangle J Council of Governments for the benefit of Durham County Schools
Grant Award: $25,500.
Summary: Convert a Durham County School bus to a hybrid.

Applicant: City of Greenville
Grant Award: $32,500.
Summary: Purchase a new hybrid bucket truck to replace old non-hybrid bucket truck.

Applicant: City of Charlotte
Grant Award: $133,500.
Summary: Purchase compressed natural gas refuse trucks to replace old diesel ones.

Applicant: University of North Carolina Asheville
Grant Award: $10,200.
Summary: Biodiesel refueling infrastructure.


2009 NCDEER Grant Awards

Applicant: Triangle J COG
Grant Award: $50,000.
Summary: Replacement trucks.

Applicant: City of Thomasville
Grant Award: $49,019.
Summary: Refuse hauler replacement.

Applicant: City of Raleigh
Grant Award: $79,738.
Summary: Retrofits and engine repower.

Applicant: City of Charlotte/Charlotte-Douglas Airport
Grant Award: $79,738.
Summary: Retrofits on shuttle buses.

Applicant: Edenton-Chowan Schools
Grant Award: $17,221.
Summary: School bus retrofits.

Applicant: Jackson County Schools
Grant Award: $35,222.
Summary: School bus retrofits.

Applicant: Stokes County Schools
Grant Award: $24,048.
Summary: School bus retrofits.

Applicant: Vance County Schools
Grant Award: $29,788.
Summary: School bus retrofits.

Applicant: Craven County Schools
Grant Award: $62,383.
Summary: School bus retrofits.

Applicant: Cumberland County Schools
Grant Award: $61,392.
Summary: School bus retrofits.

Applicant: Currituck County Schools
Grant Award: $8,610.
Summary: School bus retrofits.

Applicant: Martin County Schools
Grant Award: $28,356.
Summary: School bus retrofits.

Applicant: City of Asheville
Grant Award: $27,879.
Summary: Biodiesel buydown.

Applicant: Western NC Regional Air Quality Association
Grant Award: $31,077.
Summary: Fire truck retrofits.

Applicant: Harris Charters (Offshore III)
Grant Award: $37,500.
Summary: Marine diesel repower.

Applicant: Jay Kavanaugh (Bite Me)
Grant Award: $65,886.
Summary: Marine diesel repower.

Applicant: Budd Gillam (Drop-N-Back)
Grant Award: $42,100.
Summary: Marine diesel repower.

Applicant: Fisherman's Wharf Fillet (Bald Eagle II)
Grant Award: $93,000.
Summary: Marine diesel repower.

Applicant: STOLAT Fishing (STOLAT)
Grant Award: $32,000.
Summary: Marine diesel repower.

Applicant: Lawrence Gill (Hopeful)
Grant Award: $17,180.
Summary: Marine diesel repower.

Applicant: Thomas Newman (Gotta Go)
Grant Award: $16,890.
Summary: Marine diesel repower.

Applicant: Crystal Dawn Corp. (Crystal Dawn)
Grant Award: $27,953.
Summary: Marine diesel repower.

Applicant: Harper's Folly (Folly Sportfishing)
Grant Award: $34,500.
Summary: Marine diesel repower.

Applicant: William Van Druten (Net Result)
Grant Award: $9,040.
Summary: Marine diesel repower.

Applicant: Huckleberry (Jamie Rollison)
Grant Award: $14,000.
Summary: Marine diesel repower.

Applicant:Shepard's Point (Endless Pursuit)
Grant Award: $32,960.
Summary: Marine diesel repower.

Applicant: Miss Oregon Inlet (Miss Oregon Inlet)
Grant Award: $45,900.
Summary: Marine diesel repower.

Applicant: Paul Dunn (Shannon D)
Grant Award: $16,472.
Summary: Marine diesel repower.


2008 Grant Awards

Applicant: Piedmont Biofuels
Grant Award: $37,700.
Summary: Purchase vacuum truck for expanded oil collection.

Applicant: Haywood Community College
Grant Award: $16,029.
Summary: Partial cost of one fully electric vehicle.
Success Story

Applicant: Old Salem Museum
Grant Award: $7,250.
Summary: Partial cost of electric vehicles.
Success Story

Applicant: Town of Montreat
Grant Award: $12,800.
Summary: Partial cost of 2 electric vehicles to be shared by two organizations.

Applicant: Western Carolina University
Grant Award: $9,704.
Summary: Partial cost of two electric vehicles.

Applicant: Mecklenburg County Air Quality
Grant Award: $102,925.
Summary: Funding provided to GRADE grant to give money to retrofit, repower, and replace private and public nonroad equipment.

Applicant: NC Ports Authority
Grant Award: $105,000.
Summary: Purchase biodiesel tanks.

Applicant: Leisure Landscape
Grant Award: $8,200.
Summary: Convert commercial lawn equipment to propane.

Applicant: Catawba County Schools
Grant Award: $72,000.
Summary: Catawba County Schools will retrofit 40 high emission buses from our fleet with Diesel Oxidation Catalysts and Closed Crankcase Ventilation Systems.
Success Story

Applicant: Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools
Grant Award: $108,000.
Summary: Repower 1998 activity buses to 2008 engines.

Applicant: Durham County Schools
Grant Award: $104,152.
Summary: Retrofit 77 buses with DOC and CCV.

Applicant: North Carolina & Virginia Railroads
Grant Award: $56,250.
Summary: 50% of cost of GE automatic start/stop system for train engines.

Applicant: Yadkin Valley Railroad
Grant Award: $42,500.
Summary: Purchase 10 ZTR Smartstarts on 10 engines.


2008 LEADER Grant Awards

Applicant: Cape Fear Siteworks (ICAN)
Grant Award: $21,750.
Summary: Replace an excavator and repower a rubber tired loader.

Applicant: Duke Energy
Grant Award: $42,832.57
Summary: Repower a coal-handling dozer.

Applicant: Jim Lynch Grading
Grant Award: $16,012.
Summary: Repower an excavator.

Applicant: Sparks Contracting
Grant Award: $17,850.
Summary: Repower a grader.

Applicant: Thalle Construction Co., Inc.
Grant Award: $18,392.
Summary: Retrofit an excavator.

Applicant: Martin Marietta
Grant Award: $86,000.
Summary: Replace a loader.

Applicant: Sunland Builders, Inc.
Grant Award: $16,125.
Summary: Replace a backhoe.

Applicant: Shavender Trucking
Grant Award: $44,225.
Summary: Replace a rubber tire loader.

Applicant: Roberson Contracting, Inc.
Grant Award: $55,625.
Summary: Replace a motor grader.

Applicant: Barnhill Contracting Company
Grant Award: $19,593.
Summary: Replace a backhoe.

Applicant: Gaston County Solid Waste & Recycling Division
Grant Award: $149,992.
Summary: Replace a scrapper, compactor, and a loader.

Applicant: Hanson Aggregates Southeast, LLC
Grant Award: $261,603.
Summary: Repower five pieces of quarry equipment.


2007 Grant Awards

Applicant: Blue Ridge Biofuels
Grant Award: $68,750.
Summary: Purchase a biodiesel distribution rack, install biodiesel tanks and infrastructure and modify vehicles to run on biodiesel.

Applicant: Metrolina Biofuels
Grant Award: $9,000.
Summary: Provide biodiesel to the motoring public of the Greater Charlotte Metro Area, on a mobile basis by attending and participating in local events through the Charlotte Metro Area.

Applicant: Town of Black Mountain
Grant Award: $10,504.
Summary: Purchase an electric vehicle.
Success Story Link.

Applicant: Winston-Salem / Forsyth County Schools
Grant Award: $37,920.
Summary: Installation of diesel oxidation catalyst units on 40 buses.

Applicant: City of Raleigh
Grant Award: $68,000.
Summary: Installation of 68 diesel oxidation catalysts on solid waste vehicles.

Applicant: Gaston County Landfill
Grant Award: $13,000.
Summary: Purchase a new 4,000-gallon tank for B-20 biodiesel and retrofit an existing 2,000-gallon tank for B-5 biodiesel.

Applicant: Mecklenburg County Air Quality
Grant Award: $230,000.
Summary: Retrofit, re-power, or replace non-road construction equipment.

Applicant: Piedmont Biofuels
Grant Award: $40,000.
Summary: Purchase a tank truck for delivery of B100.

Applicant: Public Schools of Robeson County
Grant Award: $200,000.
Summary: Retrofit school buses with Diesel Oxidation Catalysts and Closed Crankcase Ventilation Systems.

Applicant: Pitt County Schools
Grant Award: $68,400.
Summary: Retrofit school buses with Diesel Oxidation Catalysts (DOC) and Closed Crankcase Ventilation Systems (CCVS).

Applicant: Caldwell County
Grant Award: $30,000.
Summary: Purchase a tank truck for the collection of used vegetable oil for the production of biodiesel and fund collection bins and educational materials.

Applicant: Old Salem Museum
Grant Award: $13,175.
Summary: Purchase an electric vehicle.

Applicant: Haywood Community College
Grant Award: $9,648.75
Summary: Purchase an electric vehicle and remove a gas powered one from service


2006 Grant Awards

Applicant: Advanced Energy, Wake County
Grant Award: $140,000.
Summary: Purchase hybrid electric school bus.

Applicant: Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College, Buncombe County
Grant Award: $27,000.
Summary: Purchase electric vehicles.

Applicant: Cabarrus County Schools
Grant Award: $69,000.
Summary: School bus retrofits and biodiesel equipment.

Applicant: Carolina Coastal Railway, Beaufort County
Grant Award: $8,889.
Summary: Idle reduction equipment.

Applicant: Catawba Valley Heritage Alliance, Catawba County
Grant Award: $24,900.
Summary: Biodiesel equipment.

Applicant: Charlotte Area Transit System, Meckenburg County
Grant Award: $38,000.
Summary: Bus retrofits.

Applicant: Charlotte/Mecklenburg County Schools
Grant Award: $60,000.
Summary: Idle reduction program and equipment.

Applicant: City of Greensboro, Guilford County
Grant Award: $20,000.
Summary: Installation of diesel oxidation catalysts on trucks.

Applicant: Cumberland County Schools
Grant Award: $99,000.
Summary: School bus retrofits.

Applicant: Gaston County Schools
Grant Award: $81,000.
Summary: School bus retrofits.

Applicant: High County Biofuels, Watauga County
Grant Award: $21,825.
Summary: Biodiesel equipment.

Applicant: Lincoln County Schools
Grant Award: $48,000.
Summary: School bus retrofits.

Applicant: Pasquotank County
Grant Award: $139,000.
Summary: Biodiesel equipment.

Applicant: Randolph County
Grant Award: $13,500.
Summary: Purchase of hybrid fuel vehicle.

Applicant: Town of Marshville, Union County
Grant Award: $9,397.
Summary: Purchase of hybrid fuel vehicle.


2005 Grant Awards

Applicant: Asheville Public Works Department
Grant Award: $12,000.
Summary: Electric vehicle purchase.

Applicant: North Carolina Zoo
Grant Award: $23,000.
Summary: Purchase processor to produce biodiesel.

Applicant: Blue Ridge Biofuels
Grant Award: $25,000.
Summary: Purchase tank truck for oil collection and biodiesel distribution and purchase oil collection containers.

Applicant: Henderson County Public Schools
Grant Award: $100,000.
Summary: Retrofit 100 school buses with DOCs.

Applicant: Mecklenburg County / City of Charlotte
Grant Award: $100,000.
Summary: Install DOCs on city and county solid waste vehicles.

Applicant: Rowan-Salisbury School District
Grant Award: $73,150.
Summary: Retrofit 77 buses with DOCs.

Applicant: Advanced Energy
Grant Award: $140,000.
Summary: Purchase a hybrid electric school buses.

Applicant: Wake County Public School System
Grant Award: $100,000.
Summary: Retrofit ~100 school buses with DOCs.

Applicant: Filter Specialty Inc.
Grant Award: $24,370.
Summary: Expand use of biodiesel and give flexible blending rates.

Applicant: Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools
Grant Award: $100,000.
Summary: Retrofit remaining school buses with DOCs.


2004 Grant Awards

Applicant: Wake County Public School System
Grant Award: $100,000.
Summary: Installation of Diesel Oxidation Catalysts on approximately 100 school buses.

Applicant: Guilford County Schools
Grant Award: $100,000.
Summary: Installation of Diesel Oxidation Catalysts on approximately 100 school buses.

Applicant: Mecklenburg County Air Quality
Grant Award: $50,000.
Summary: Installation of Diesel Oxidation Catalysts for school buses serving Mecklenburg County Schools.

Applicant: Fayetteville Metropolitan Organization
Grant Award: $50,000.
Summary: Installation of Diesel Oxidation Catalysts on approximately 50 school buses serving Fort Bragg.

Applicant: Iredell-Statesville School District
Grant Award: $50,000.
Summary: Installation of Diesel Oxidation Catalysts on approximately 50 school buses.


2003 Grant Awards

Applicant: City of Asheville
Grant Award: $400,000.
Summary: Construct a publicly accessible compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling station, train mechanics on the new technology, and to purchase CNG vehicles.

Applicant: Greenville Utilities
Grant Award: $291,000.
Summary: Construct a fast-fill, publicly accessible compressed natural gas (CNG) refueling station and purchasing CNG vehicles.


2002 Grant Awards

No Grant Awards, due to the State Budget crisis.


2001 Grant Awards

No Grant Awards, due to the State Budget crisis.


2000 Grant Awards

Applicant: Environmental Leadership Center, Warren Wilson College
Grant Award: $68,524.
Summary: Construct a solar charging system for an electric cart fleet and purchase two additional carts.

Applicant: Carolina Power & Light Co.
Grant Award: $24,856.
Summary: Purchase of Toyota RAV4-EV.

Applicant: City of Raleigh, Administrative Services Department
Grant Award: $218,111.
Summary: Install a compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling station and by purchasing one electric and six CNG powered vehicles.

Applicant: Triangle J Council of Governments
Grant Award: $100,000.
Summary: To operate the Triangle Clean Cities program during its first two years as a designated program and to implement an extensive public education campaign.

Applicant: EV Challenge
Grant Award: $270,000.
Summary: An educational program that teaches schools and the public about electric vehicles and associated environmental and transportation issues.

Applicant: City of Hickory
Grant Award: $300,000.
Summary: Install a fast-fill natural gas fueling station in the City of Hickory making it then possible to begin converting the City's fleet to natural gas.

Applicant: City of Greenville, Public Works Department
Grant Award: $40,000.
Summary: Purchase two electric vehicles for transit supervision and engineering fieldwork.

Applicant: Meredith College
Grant Award: $58,898.
Summary: Purchase a solar electric charging station, an EV charging station, and an electric powered truck.

Applicant: North Carolina Solar Center
Grant Award: $58,915.
Summary: Install photovoltaic solar electric charging stations at high schools in North Carolina.


1999 Grant Awards

Applicant: City of Hickory
Grant Award: $29,513.
Summary: Implement a vanpooling program in the Hickory area and increase public awareness on alternative modes of transportation.

Applicant: City of Rocky Mount
Grant Award: $43,495.
Summary: Pay half the incremental cost of 10 CNG police sedans, one bi-fuel administrative sedan and one bi-fuel pickup truck.

Applicant: Advanced Energy Corporation
Grant Award: $55,000.
Summary: Support the EV Challenge event for high school students

Applicant: Carolina Power & Light Co.
Grant Award: Minimum of $10,000., maximum of $20,000.
Summary: Purchase three EVs for use in fleet demonstration and public education programs.

Applicant: City of Gastonia
Grant Award: $75,000.
Summary: Purchase one heavy duty CNG transit bus and one electric pickup truck.

Applicant: City of Fayetteville
Grant Award: $50,000.
Summary: Ten bi-fuel pickup trucks and purchase 4 gas analyzers to monitor fuel use and emissions.

Applicant: Town of Garner
Grant Award: $114,000.
Summary: Assist in the purchase of 19 new CNG vehicles, expansion of fast-fill station storage, and mechanic training.

Applicant: Immaculate Conception Church
Grant Award: $20,500.
Summary: Purchase an electric vehicle and a charging station.

Applicant: City of Raleigh
Grant Award: $27,000.
Summary: Assist in the purchase of six CNG vehicles.

Applicant: Carolina Power & Light Co.
Grant Award: $49,050.
Summary: Install twenty publicly accessible electric vehicle charging stations throughout the Triangle area.

Applicant: Town of Chapel Hill
Grant Award: $85,100.
Summary: Assist in the purchase of two EVs and four CNG vehicles.

Applicant: Triangle Electric Auto Association
Grant Award: $5,000.
Summary: Purchase a portable display for EV education.

Applicant: Medoc Mountain State Park
Grant Award: $50,600.
Summary: Develop an interactive exhibit on the science of air quality, lease an EV & purchase a charger for use and demonstration in the state park and host a "Clean Air Field Day."

Applicant: City of Winston-Salem
Grant Award: $23,200.
Summary: Purchase two CNG pickup trucks, two CNG police patrol cars, and training for eight mechanics.

Applicant: North Johnston High School
Grant Award: $4,575.
Summary: Design and publish air quality comic books for elementary kids.

Applicant: Montreat Police Department
Grant Award: $6,500.
Summary: Assist in the purchase of a propane-powered 4-wheel drive police vehicle and infrastructure costs to eventually introduce more propane vehicles in the fleet.


1998 Grant Awards

Applicant: UNC Charlotte
Grant Award: $10,000.
Summary: Students will convert a small utility vehicle from gasoline power to electric power.

Applicant: Smokey Mountain High School
Grant Award: $10,618.
Summary: Students to participate in building and driving an electric vehicle, to establish an electric vehicle program, and to educate the community about efforts to preserve and enhance air quality in North Carolina.

Applicant: Advanced Energy
Grant Award: $30,000.
Summary: Support schools participating in the EV Challenge.

Applicant: City of Greenville
Grant Award: $11,700.
Summary: Reduce VMT by installing bike racks on buses.

Applicant: Northampton Electric Automotive Team
Grant Award: $9,500.
Summary: Assist in conducting the Great Electric Road Rally.

Applicant: City of Claremont
Grant Award: $95,000.
Summary: Purchase and convert vehicles to utilize compressed natural gas as their primary fuel source and install a CNG fueling station.

Applicant: Greensboro Transit Authority
Grant Award: $100,000.
Summary: Purchase of two dedicated natural gas shuttle vans and the installation of a natural gas fueling station.

Applicant: Wake County General Services Administration
Grant Award: $60,000.
Summary: Reduce emissions through the use of BioDiesel.

Applicant: Duke University
Grant Award: $54,000.
Summary: Purchase new CNG vehicles and to convert additional vehicles.

Applicant: Davidson County
Grant Award: $170,000.
Summary: Contract a compressed natural gas fueling station and to purchase vehicles to run on CNG.

Applicant: The Mecklenburg County Department of Environmental Protection
Grant Award: $50,000.
Summary: Develop an Ozone Awareness school kit for all Charlotte-Mecklenburg fourth grade students.

Applicant: East Gaston High School
Grant Award: $9,500.
Summary: Convert a gasoline vehicle to electric.

Applicant: New Hanover High School
Grant Award: $12,000.
Summary: Convert a car to electric and to improve awareness of an Alternative mode of transportation.

Applicant: County of Caldwell
Grant Award: $142,000.
Summary: Install a fast-fill natural gas station.

Applicant: City of Raleigh
Grant Award: $42,282.50
Summary: Purchase CNG and electric powered vehicles.

Applicant: The City of Jacksonville North Carolina
Grant Award: $8,600.
Summary: Purchase twelve bicycles and to train police officers.

Applicant: Gaston County Quality of Natural Resources Commission
Grant Award: $38,000.
Summary: Purchase new Alternative vehicles and conversion equipment and to promote public awareness through educational programs.

Applicant: The Town of Garner
Grant Award: $128,500.
Summary: Purchase CNG vehicles, and to construct both a slow and fast fill fueling station.

Applicant: Northeast Guilford High
Grant Award: $12,261.51
Summary: Convert a vehicle to electric.

Applicant: Winston-Salem Transit Authority
Grant Award: $20,500.
Summary: Install bike racks on their entire bus fleet.


1997 Grant Awards

Applicant: City of Gastonia
Grant Award: $75,000.
Summary: Convert at least fifteen vehicles to CNG.

Applicant: Hertford County Schools
Grant Award: $12,523.04
Summary: Maintenance of their two existing electric vehicles and for expenses associated with displaying and racing their EV.

Applicant: City of Winston-Salem
Grant Award: $96,000.
Summary: Install a new fast-fill CNG fueling station.

Applicant: Triangle Transit Authority
Grant Award: $87,100.
Summary: Support their van pool program by employing a person to produce a new media campaign.

Applicant: Caldwell County
Grant Award: $35,100.
Summary: Lease/purchase a CNG powered deputy vehicle and a CNG fueling station. They plan to do a comparison study between the CNG Crown Victoria police cruiser and an identical gas powered vehicle.

Applicant: CP&L (EV Challenge)
Grant Award: $30,000.
Summary: Funds will be distributed to the participating schools to help assuage the expenses associated with converting vehicles to electric power.

Applicant: Cabarrus County
Grant Award: $30,000.
Summary: Conversion of six vehicles to compressed natural gas.

Applicant: The North Carolina Center for the Advancement of Teaching
Grant Award: $26,942.
Summary: Enable NCCAT to conduct a one week long seminar for twenty-three North Carolina high school teachers. The teachers will build and drive the EV.

Applicant: Town of Matthews
Grant Award: $96,500.
Summary: Conversion of six existing vehicles from gasoline to CNG, the purchase of one new CNG pick-up, and the purchase of a CNG fueling station.

Applicant: Northampton Electric Auto Team
Grant Award: $24,730.
strong>Summary: Convert a pickup truck to electric power and help fund the second annual Northampton Electric Vehicle Rally.

Applicant: Land-of-Sky Regional Council
Grant Award: $35,500.
Summary: Form a Clean Air Campaign Executive Committee to assist in designing and implementing the Campaign's Public Awareness program.

Applicant: NC Energy Division
Grant Award: $65,500.
Summary: Promote the use of alternatively fueled vehicles in North Carolina.

Applicant: Winston-Salem Chamber of Commerce
Grant Award: $149,000.
Summary: Implement a Mobile Source Abatement Program to educate the community to reduce VMTs. The program will establish incentives for mass transit and an aggressive mass media campaign to educate the public, production of an educational video, operation of an Air Alert Hotline, sponsorship of an Air Quality conference, and addition of ozone prediction forecasts on the World Wide Web.


1996 Grant Awards

Applicant: City of Belmont
Grant Award: $232,075.
Summary: Build a compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling station and to convert eleven city vehicles (8 police cars and 3 light duty trucks) to CNG.

Applicant: City of Gastonia
Grant Award: $176,000.
Summary: Build a CNG fueling station.

Applicant: City of Rocky Mount Department of Public Works
Grant Award: $105,144.
Summary: Upgrade their existing CNG fueling station.

Applicant: Carolina Power & Light Co.
Grant Award: $15,000.
Summary: CP&L is sponsoring the first North Carolina Electric Vehicle Challenge, which features eight central North Carolina high schools and their electric vehicle program. Students at each school will convert an internal combustion vehicle to electric power.

Applicant: Duke Power Co.
Grant Award: $100,000.
Summary: Duke is proposing an electric school bus demonstration project to test the feasibility of electric school bus operation. An electric school bus will be placed into service at various school systems in North Carolina, giving school bus drivers and mechanics the opportunity to test the bus.

Applicant: North Carolina Solar Center
Grant Award: $44,732.
Summary: Install four solar powered charging stations at two high schools, a community college and North Carolina State University.

Applicant: Northampton High School - East
Grant Award: $6,000.
Summary: Northampton Electric Auto Team (NEAT), a student organization at Northampton High School - East, has invited other high schools with electric vehicle programs to participate in the 1st Annual Northampton Great Electric Road Rally.

Applicant: Winston-Salem Transit Authority
Grant Award: $10,300.
Summary: Install bike racks on twenty of their buses.


1995 Grant Awards

Applicant: Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools Transportation Department
Grant Award: $91,776.
Summary: Purchase four compressed natural gas operated school buses.

Applicant: City of Charlotte
Grant Award: $52,800.
Summary: Purchase of three electric vehicles.

Applicant: Forsyth County Environmental Affairs Department
Grant Award: $34,171.
Summary: Conversion of fifteen vehicles to propane.

Applicant: Piedmont Natural Gas/Charlotte Douglas Airport
Grant Award: $179,000.
Summary: Purchase and conversion of three shuttle buses to compressed natural gas.

Applicant: UNC-Charlotte
Grant Award: $80,000.
Summary: Purchase a solar charged electric vehicle system.