Motor Vehicles and Air Quality

For questions related to annual vehicles inspections policies surrounding COVID-19, please contact NCDOT at 1-877-421-0020 or visit their page here.

Volkswagen Settlement
Find information on what the state is doing in regard to the Volkswagen Settlement.

Inspection / Maintenance (I/M) Program
Find information about our state's expanding I&M program aimed at curbing automobile emissions.

Smoking Vehicle Complaint Form
Submit this form to file a complaint against a motor vehicle spewing excessive exhaust into the air.

Idle Reduction
View materials concerning this new program for idle reduction.

Mobile Source Emissions Reduction Grants
View any currently open mobile source emission reduction grants, read requirements, download application forms, see previous awards and previous grant success stories.

Leak Tightness Testing
View materials concerning this program for testing gasoline cargo tankers for leak tightness.

Transportation Conformity
Learn about transportation conformity as defined by the Clean Air Act and its impact on our state.

Alternative Fuels and Vehicles
Find information about alternative fuels, vehicle conversion, refueling locations, and emissions benefits.

What is E15?
How does this affect me? How will this affect my gas mileage?


Brian C. Phillips
Mobile Sources Compliance Branch Supervisor

Jill Vitas
Transportation Conformity Engineer/Grants Administrator

Sheila Blanchard
Transportation Conformity/Grants Senior Environmental Specialist

Dave Willis
Inspection/Maintenance Environmental Program Consultant

Steven Rice
Inspection/Maintenance/Smoking Vehicles Senior Environmental Specialist

Melanie Henderson
Vapor Recovery Engineer

Scott Albright
Vapor Recovery Environmental Specialist