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The N.C. Resilient Coastal Communities Program aims to facilitate a community-driven process for setting coastal resilience goals, assessing existing and needed local capacity, and identifying and prioritizing projects to enhance community resilience to coastal hazards. Participating communities will walk through a framework leading to the development of “shovel-ready” projects. Local governments throughout the 20 coastal counties will be eligible to apply for direct technical assistance to complete a community engagement process, risk and vulnerability assessment, and develop a resilience project portfolio.

The four phases of the program include:

  • Phase 1: Community Engagement and Risk & Vulnerability Assessment
  • Phase 2: Planning, Project Selection and Prioritization
  • Phase 3: Engineering and Design
  • Phase 4: Implementation

This initiative, funded through the N.C. State Legislature and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, will provide funding to local governments to help overcome barriers in coastal resilience and adaptation planning, boost local government capacity, and support a proactive, sustainable, and equitable approach to coastal resilience planning and project implementation.

The application period for Phases 1 and 2 is currently closed. The anticipated release of Phase 3 funding applications is December 2021.


Applications and Information

2021 Program Participants

2021 Program Participants

Map of 2021 Program Participants

RCCP Planning Handbook

RCCP Planning Handbook

The North Carolina Resilient Coastal Communities Program Planning Handbook provides guidance to contractors and local governments in completing Phases 1 and 2 of the N.C. Resilient Coastal Communities Program. The handbook identifies the specific program requirements, as well as existing data, tools, and resources to help communities meet these requirements.

Program Information Program Contacts

Program Contacts

Samantha Burdick, Coastal Resilience Coordinator

Mackenzie Todd, Coastal Resilience Specialist

Tancred MillerPolicy & Planning Section Chief

Program Email: RCCP@ncdenr.gov

For questions specifically related to land use planning and how this initiative overlaps with CAMA Land Use Plan updates, reach out to your District Planner.

Map of program contacts by applicant
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