Dam Safety

The state Dam Safety Program provides oversight of more than 3,000 dams statewide, working to prevent property damage, personal injury and loss of life from dam failures.

The program operates under the authority of the Dam Safety Law of 1967, S.L. 2009-390, S.L. 2015-7, the Coal Ash Management Act of 2014 and NCAC Title 15A Subchapter 2K: Dam Safety.

Dam Emergency Contact:  1-800-858-0368

Woodlake Dam Enforcement Action

North Carolina Dam Inventory

N.C. Dam Inventory as of 3/16/17

Diagram of a Dam


Permitting for Existing and Proposed Dams 

NC Dam Safety Program and Best Management Practices

Construction Application Checklist

Flow chart to construct a new dam

Flow Chart to Alter / Modify or Repair a Dam

Flow Chart to Remove / Breach a  Dam 


Planning for a Dam Emergency

Emergency Action Plan FAQs 

Emergency Action Plan Template 

NC SIMS Methodology

Federal Guidelines for Emergency Action Planning for Dams


Helpful Links


Dam Terms and Definitions

Dam Hazard Classifications

Forms, checklists, guidelines

Dam Operation, Maintenance and Inspection Manual 

Historical Dam Failures & Incidents


Computer Animations of Failure Modes 



Slide Failure

Courtesy Association of State Dam Safety Officials


Additional Resources

Importance of EAPs

FEMA South Carolina Dam Failure Assessment & Advisement

TADS Video

Key EAP Components

Perspective of Emergency Responders

Living with Dams: Know Your Risk

Introduction to NC EAP Template

Association of State Dam Safety Officials

ASDSO Dam Ownership Guidance

Simplified Inundation Map Methodology

Inundation Flyover