Wendy Worley headshot

Wendy Worley
Section Chief


Wendy joined RBAC in March 2003, served as RBAC Manager from 2016-2018, and took the position of Section Chief in March 2018. She leads the state’s recycling section, overseeing RBAC and the local government assistance team.  She provides business development assistance to recycling companies in North Carolina, technical assistance to public recycling programs, and manages grant programs for recycling businesses and local governments

Mike Greene headshot

Mike Greene
Recycling Business Development Specialist


Mike joined RBAC in 2013 and provides general business assistance to the North Carolina recycling industry. Prior to joining RBAC, Mike was employed as a Business Development Specialist with the City of Greensboro’s Field Operations Department.

Christine Wittmeier headshot

Christine Wittmeier
Organics Recycling Specialist

Christine joined the state’s recycling office in 2022 as the Organics Recycling Specialist. She provides technical assistance to businesses, organizations and local governments helping them reduce and recycle food waste and organic materials. Christine is a graduate of Auburn University and was previously the Environmental Programs Supervisor for Henderson County, NC.

Sandy Skolochenko headshot

Sandy Skolochenko
Community Development Specialist


Sandy joined the state's recycling office in 2015 and provides business assistance to North Carolina recycling companies, offers technical assistance to public recycling programs, and manages grant programs for recycling businesses and local governments. Before joining the state, she worked as the Waste Reduction Coordinator in Chatham County. 

Environmental Specialist


Recycling Business Development Specialist