Environmental Management Systems

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EMS Modules

The ESI program offers a series of free environmental management system (EMS) development modules yearly for members interested in implementing an EMS. To become a member of the ESI program or to be notified when these modules are scheduled, send an email to esi@ncdenr.gov.  Please see the Events page for upcoming classes.

Internal Auditor Training

The ESI program has developed a one-day on-site internal auditor training session. Participants will gain an understanding of the ISO 14001 standard and the role of an internal auditor. After a morning classroom session, participants will conduct a mock-audit of the facility under the supervision of the instructors. To inquire about hosting an internal auditor training session, send an email to esi@ncdenr.gov. Please see the Events page for upcoming classes.

Additional ISO 14001 Training

NCSU Industrial Expansion Solutions offers many classes and on-site training for ISO 14001.

Sample Documents and Forms



Documents provided by NCSU Industrial Expansion Solutions

  1. 4.2 Environmental policy
  2. 4.3 Planning
    1. 4.3.1 Environmental aspects
    2. 4.3.2 Legal and other requirements
    3. 4.3.3 Objectives, targets and program(s)
  3. 4.4 Implementation and operation
    1. 4.4.1 Resources, roles, responsibility and authority
    2. 4.4.2 Competence, training and awareness
    3. 4.4.3 Communication
    4. 4.4.4 Documentation
    5. 4.4.5 Control of documents
    6. 4.4.6 Operational control
    7. 4.4.7 Emergency preparedness and response
  4. 4.5 Checking
    1. 4.5.1 Monitoring and measurements
    2. 4.5.2 Evaluation of compliance
    3. 4.5.3 Nonconformity, corrective action and preventative action
    4. 4.5.4 Control of records
    5. 4.5.5 Internal audit
  5. 4.6 Management review


Aspect - Element of an organization's activities, products or services that can interact with the environment.

Impact - Any change to the environment, whether adverse or beneficial, wholly or partially resulting from an organization's activities, products or services.

Objective - Overall environmental goal, arising from the environmental policy, that an organization sets itself to achieve, and which is quantifiable where practicable.

Target - Detailed performance requirement, quantified where practicable, applicable to the organization or parts thereof, that arises from the environmental objectives and that needs to be set and met in order to achieve those objectives.

Compliance (Regulatory) - The condition of being in fulfillment of relevant laws and regulations.

Conformance (ISO 14001) - The condition of being in fulfillment of the requirements of ISO 14001.

Key Characteristic - features or characteristics that are highly constrained or for which minute deviations from specification have a significant impact on product performance, function and form.

Continual Improvement - Process of enhancing the environmental management system to achieve improvements in overall environmental performance in line with the organization's environmental policy.

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