Waste Management Online Documents and File Room Procedures

The N.C. Division of Waste Management’s CARA/Documentum document management system is no longer available. All files have been moved to the Laserfiche system. The Division of Waste Management has successfully transitioned from one document management system to another. It stopped adding documents to the old document management system (CARA/Documentum) as of March 7, 2016, and began using the current system, Laserfiche. Documents from the old system have been moved to the new system.

Division of Waste Management's Document Management System lets you view and print files for many permits and environmental reports. Staff continue to update the database daily with permits and reports generated by the division. Save time by reading the Weblink User's Guide.

Note: UST registration, permitting, and inspection documents are not located in the Laserfiche system.

Use the following guidance to access different Division of Waste Management's program areas in the Laserfiche system:

Interested in reviewing files in one of our file rooms? Follow these procedures: