Industrial Permitting Branch

The Industrial Permitting Branch is responsible for Industrial major/minor National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System wastewater permitting and providing NPDES programmatic support including  Level B  modeling; CORMIX /dilution model reviews; review and issuance of municipal Authorization to Construct permits (ATCs); and NPDES program implementation guidance.

Duke Energy NPDES Permits

Authorization to Construct Permits (AtoCs)

Application Forms & Documents 

NPDES Industrial Permitting Staff

Industrial Major/minor permitting, special technical issues, Level B modeling, CORMIX/dilution model evaluations and Authorization to Construct (ATC) permits.

Doug Dowden Supervisor 919-707-3605
VACANT Environmental Specialist II 919-707-3612
Sergei Chernikov

Environmental Engineer III

Min Xiao Environmental Engineer II 919-707-3644
Amir Adaryani Environmental Engineer I 919-707-3704