NPDES Wastewater Permitting

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Duke Energy Quarterly Monitoring Data: Quarterly monitoring data for Duke Energy facilities per the conditions set forth in the Special Orders by Consent (SOCs).

Current Duke Energy Wastewater Permit Renewals and Modifications

e-DMR: EPA’s Electronic Reporting Rule and how it may affect permit holders.

Precision in Discharge Monitoring Reports: Summarizes common conventions (and exceptions) for significant figures and rounding and describes their proper use in completing DMRs. Please direct questions to Mike Templeton at 919-707-3603 or

Key Issues

T.Z. Osborne WWTP

Special Order by Consent

EMC Meeting March 11, 2021 Attachments:

Hearing Officer's Report (with supplemental appendices and SOC signed by the City of Greensboro)

T.Z. Osborne WWTP 1,4-dioxane Effluent Data

Notice of Violation and City of Greensboro's Response

T.Z. Osborne WWTP Composite Sampling Plan

EPA 1,4-dioxane 2018 Health Advisory


Public Notice - Date extension of second announcement (comment period ends December 14, 2020)

Public Notice - Second announcement (comment period ends December 9, 2020)

SOC S19-010 - Updated from first public notice

Frequently Asked Questions


Public Hearing Announcement

Register for December 9 Public Hearing

Instructions on how to join a WebEx meeting

Public Notice - First announcement (public comments ended July 24, 2020)
Draft SOC S19-010 - First public notice

Cape Fear Plant

Special Order by Consent 
Public Notice
Draft SOC S19-001
SOC Upfront Penalty Calculation
Cape Fear Engineering Evaluation

Weatherspoon Plant

Special Order by Consent
Public Notice
Draft SOC S19-006
SOC Upfront Penalty Calculation
Weatherspoon Engineering Evaluation 

Siler City Wastewater Permit Modification

Permit Modification
Fact Sheet
Hearing Officer's Report
Addendum to Hearing Officer's Report

H.F. Lee Plant

Special Order by Consent
Public Notice
Draft SOC S18-006
SOC Upfront Penalty Calculation
H.F. Lee Engineering Evaluation

Belews Creek Steam Station

Special Order by Consent
Public Notice 12/20/18
Draft SOC S18-009
Belews Creek Engineering Evaluation
Belews Creek SOC Application
Belews Creek SOC Application Supplemental Information

NPDES Wastewater Permit
Public Notice 12/20/18
Draft WW Permit #NC0024406
Fact Sheet

NPDES Permitting Guidance

General Permitting Guidance Pollutant-Specific Permitting Guidance Basin-Specific Permitting Guidance

Basin-Specific Permitting Guidance

Goose Creek
South Fork Catawba River Basin Color

Facility Specific Permitting Guidance NPDES Compliance Guidance Other Links

Other Links

NPDES Compliance and Enforcement Information
Stormwater Permitting Program
DEQ Customer Service Center
PERCS Unit: Sewer collection system permits and pretreatment

Land Application Unit: Non-discharge permits such as wastewater disposal systems consisting of surface irrigation, high rate irrigation, recycle or reuse.