Non-Discharge Branch

The Non-Discharge Branch is responsible for the permitting and compliance of residual and wastewater effluent land application facilities. The branch is also responsible for permitting facilities for the beneficial use of reclaimed water for the purpose of conserving the state's potable water, surface water and groundwater resources.

For questions about the Non-Discharge Branch, please contact Kendall Williams at 919-807-6332.

For technical questions, please contact the following staff:

Non-Discharge Branch: Staff Directory

Name Contact Information Primary Contact Secondary Contact
Nathaniel Thornburg
Unit Supervisor
Office #- 640K
NDB Programs Policies & Rules
Kendall Williams
Processing Assistant

Office #- 640D

Administrative Support  

Troy Doby, PE

Environmental Engineer
(919) 807-6336

Office #- 640V

Residuals Management Wastewater Irrigation
Emily Gercke, PG

Office #- 640R

Hydrogeologic Issues Closed-Loop Recycle
Sonia Gregory
Environmental Senior Specialist

Office #- 640W

Compliance / Reporting Residuals Management
Ashley Kabat
Environmental Engineer

Office #- 640P

Single-Family Residence Wastewater Irrigation Reclaimed Water


Tessa Monday, PE


Environmental Engineer

Office #- 640L

Reclaimed Water & Wastewater Irrigation High-Rate Infiltration
Environmental Engineer
(919) 807-6348

Office #-640Q

High-Rate Infiltration & Reclaimed Water Wastewater Irrigation & Rules
Alice Wessner
Environmental Engineer
(919) 807-6425
Office #-640H
Single-Family Residence Wastewater Irrigation Reclaimed Water Distribution

Mailing Address:

By U.S. Postal Service:
Division of Water Resources- Non-Discharge Branch
1617 Mail Service Center Raleigh, NC 27699-1617
By Courier/Special Delivery:
Division of Water Resources- Non-Discharge Branch
Att: Nathaniel Thornburg- 6th Floor, Office #640N
512 N. Salisbury St. Raleigh, NC 27604