Watershed Action Plans


What is a Watershed Action Plan?

A Watershed Action Plan is for planning, tracking and measuring implementation of watershed improvement projects.

Watershed action Plans are dynamic and focused on identifying project areas, prioritizing project areas, developing implementation plans, and tracking water resource improvements. 

Watershed Action Plan Storymap

NC Stream Watch Map

Community Involvement

These Watershed Action Plans are intended to bring together stakeholders and community partners to take action in their watersheds.  Watershed groups, community partners, and other residents are encouraged to contribute to the Watershed Action Plan development in the following ways:

  • Identify problems within the focus area
  • Create a story about your watershed to share (powerpoint, video, narrative with pictures, etc)
  • Develop goals, strategies, objectives, and a timeline to address the identified problems
  • Submit documents to the Watershed Action Plan Core Stakeholders


Have specific questions about engaging your community in a Watershed Action Plan?

Email Lauren.Daniel@ncdenr.gov

Community Engagement Tools

Contribute to your Watershed Action Plan with these tools:

Source Conveyance Identification Tracker (SCITS)


Educational Resources

Use these resources to help inform your community.

Video: Walnut Creek Watershed: Community Engagement

Presentation: How do you tell your story? Learn about Dana Drive Focus Area

Presentation: Stream Restoration Projects Using Bioengineered or Natural Channel Design Approach.

Presentation: Green Stormwater Infrastructure Primer for Elected Officials and Interested Residents 

The Value of Green Infrastructure

Additional Information abut Green Stormwater Infrastructure

Learn About Your Watershed

Use the tools below to learn about your own watershed.

Map Your Drinking Water (UNC-TV)

NC Watershed Stewardship Network

Where's Your Watershed?

Tool Support

Interested in how to use the Watershed Action Plan tools? 

SCITS Tool Tutorial Video


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Related Funding Resources


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