Recycling Opportunities for North Carolina Households

Effective July 1, 2011, North Carolina has banned the disposal of computer equipment and televisions. Households across the state have many options for helping the disposal ban be successful, while also helping conserve resources and returning valuable materials to the economy. Follow the links below to discover the many opportunities to reduce and recycle computer equipment, televisions, and other electronics.

Tips for Households on Reducing Electronic Wastes

Electronics are expensive items - making them last as long as possible gives your family the highest value and helps prevent wasteful use of energy and natural resources:

  • Buying the cheapest item or buying something that does not meet your needs can mean a shorter life for your electronic equipment. Check consumer product guides to find the highest quality items that save energy and last longer. Products with lengthy warranties can indicate of long-term usefulness. You may pay a little more up front, but not have to spend more later for a replacement.
  • Repair broken units rather than discard them. Computers, televisions and other electronic devices can often be repaired if malfunctioning. Look in the local yellow pages or online for repair services. Some vendors and manufacturers offer extended warranties to cover future repair costs.
  • Upgrade your computer rather than buy a new one. Adding RAM, changing software or conducting other upgrades can make your current computer last longer.
  • Consider buying used equipment. You can give a perfectly good television or computer a longer life by looking for bargains at yard sales, thrift shops, surplus sales and online trading sites like Craigslist or EBay.

If your television, computer or other electronic device has finally reached the end of its useful life, remember to recycle! Many local governments across North Carolina offer public electronics recycling programs. There are also many electronics manufacturer recycling programs as well as opportunities to recycle electronics through retail outlets. And charitable donations are also a possible option for things like cell phones, functioning computers and other electronics.

North Carolina Local Government Electronics Recycling Programs

Most North Carolina counties and some municipalities offer electronics collection services through public drop-off locations. Contact your local solid waste and recycling office to learn more about electronics recycling options.

Many North Carolina communities have also received funding from the state to help operate electronics recycling programs. To see the list of counties and municipalities who have made themselves eligible for program funding, visit: