Drinking Water Protection

Under Session Law 2016-95, permanent drinking water supplies will be provided to residents who live within half a mile of a coal ash facility and to anyone outside half a mile whose water may be affected by coal ash.

The new legislation requires Duke Energy to install a permanent water supply no later than October 15, 2018 to each household that is located within a half mile of the compliance boundary of a coal ash impoundment and that is not separated by a body of water that would provide a natural barrier for the migration of any contamination.

Under the new law, Duke Energy must pay for either the installation of a new water line or a home filtration system. The preferred method for providing a new permanent water supply is by connection to public, city, or municipal water lines. However, residents may choose to receive a filtration system instead. For households that elect to have filtration systems installed, Duke Energy will be responsible for periodic required maintenance. 

The new legislation requires Duke Energy to submit plans for installing water supplies to all homes by December 2016. The plans will consider the location of households in relation to the nearest public water supply connections, the projected cost of the water supply option, and any proposal to connect to public water. DEQ will evaluate the plans over the following year in order to provide all households with a permanent water supply as quickly as possible.