Legislative Reports

Pursuant to S.L. 2019-250 Section 5.10 (a), Department of Environmental Quality legislative reports submitted on or after January 1, 2020 will be posted below.

Title Summary Report Date
Combined River Basin Advisory Commission Report Annual audit and report on the River Basin Advisory Commission 10/01/2020
DEQ Agency Mobile Device Report Annual report on agency mobile devices. 10/01/2020
Coastal Storm Damage Mitigation Fund Annual Report Report on projects funded from the Coastal Storm Damage Mitigation Fund. 10/01/2020
Drought Management Advisory Council Report A review of drought advisories issued by the Council and any recommendations to improve coordination among local, State, and federal agencies; public water systems; and water users to improve the management and mitigation of the harmful effects of drought. 10/01/2020
Coronavirus Regulatory Flexibility Report Report on specific efforts to exercise regulatory flexibility during coronavirus emergency. 10/01/2020
2020 Q3 Capital Improvements Report Quarterly report on capital improvements projects. 10/01/2020
Directed Grants Status Report Report on the status of funds disbursed for directed grants. 10/01/2020
Animal Waste Management Annual Report Report on permitting, inspection, compliance, and accounting of activities for the Animal Feeding Operation program. 10/01/2020
October 1 Coal Ash Quarterly Report Quarterly report on DEQ’s operations, activities, programs, and progress with respect to coal combustion residuals surface impoundments. 10/01/2020
Annual Coal Ash Report to the General Assembly Annual report on coal combustion residuals surface impoundments in North Carolina. 10/01/2020