Legislative Reports

Pursuant to S.L. 2019-250 Section 5.10 (a), Department of Environmental Quality legislative reports submitted on or after January 1, 2020 will be posted below.

Title Summary Report Date
Shellfish Enterprise Areas Report Identification of areas under a moratorium for shellfish leasing that could potentially be established as shellfish aquaculture enterprise areas. 04/01/2020
River Basin Advisory Commission Annual Report Annual audit and status report to the General Assembly on River Basin Advisory Commissions. 03/01/2020
Oyster Research and Restoration 2020 Annual Legislative Report Report on the use of funding for oyster research and restoration activities. 03/01/2020
H329 Quarterly Report Quarterly interim report on the activities conducted to establish a regulatory program for the management and decommissioning of renewable energy equipment. 03/01/2020
Annual Litter Report Report on agency litter enforcement, litter prevention, and litter removal efforts. 02/01/2020
2020 Wetland Mitigation Practices Report Report on wetland mitigation practices supportive of public recreation and hunting on mitigation sites. 03/01/2020
PFAS Recovery Fund Quarterly Report Session Law 2018-5 established the PFAS Recovery Fund including Section 13.1(d) that provides funding for local government units to assist with the planning and analyzing water lines to serve impacted areas. 06/01/2020
DEQ Coal Ash Quarterly Report for the 1st Quarter of 2020 Quarterly report on DEQ’s operations, activities, programs, and progress with respect to coal combustion residuals surface impoundments. 04/01/2020
Capital Improvements Projects Quarterly report on capital improvements projects. 04/01/2020
Streamline Dam Removal Report A summary of North Carolina’s current Dam Safety Law’s regulatory requirements for dam removal, comparing them to those of New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania and, if feasible, recommending changes to reduce regulatory for dam removal. 03/01/2020