Legislative Reports

Pursuant to S.L. 2019-250 Section 5.10 (a), Department of Environmental Quality legislative reports submitted on or after January 1, 2020 will be posted below.

Title Summary Report Date
Long-Term Dredging MOA Annual Report Report on the funds provided to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers under the Long-Term Dredging Memorandum of Agreement. 10/01/2020
Combined River Basin Advisory Commission Report Annual audit and report on the River Basin Advisory Commission 10/01/2020
DEQ Agency Mobile Device Report Annual report on agency mobile devices. 10/01/2020
Coastal Storm Damage Mitigation Fund Annual Report Report on projects funded from the Coastal Storm Damage Mitigation Fund. 10/01/2020
Drought Management Advisory Council Report A review of drought advisories issued by the Council and any recommendations to improve coordination among local, State, and federal agencies; public water systems; and water users to improve the management and mitigation of the harmful effects of drought. 10/01/2020
Coronavirus Regulatory Flexibility Report Report on specific efforts to exercise regulatory flexibility during coronavirus emergency. 10/01/2020
2020 Q3 Capital Improvements Report Quarterly report on capital improvements projects. 10/01/2020
Directed Grants Status Report Report on the status of funds disbursed for directed grants. 10/01/2020
Animal Waste Management Annual Report Report on permitting, inspection, compliance, and accounting of activities for the Animal Feeding Operation program. 10/01/2020
October 1 Coal Ash Quarterly Report Quarterly report on DEQ’s operations, activities, programs, and progress with respect to coal combustion residuals surface impoundments. 10/01/2020