Janet Macdonald, Remediation Team Chair 
(919) 707-8349

Pete Doorn, Remediation Team Co-Chair
(919) 707-8369

Remediation Team Members

  • Jim Bateson, Superfund Section Chief
  • Hanna Assefa, Superfund Section
  • Beth Hartzell, Superfund Section
  • David Kwiatkowski, Superfund Section
  • Billy Meyer, Superfund Section
  • Adam Ulishney, Superfund Section
  • Mary Siedlecki, Hazardous Waste Section
  • Rob McDaniel, Hazardous Waste Section
  • Mark Wilkins, Hazardous Waste Section
  • Linda Smith, UST Section
  • Sharon Ghiold, UST Section
  • Jared Edwards, UST Section
  • Wayne Randolph, UST Section
  • Ervin Lane, Solid Waste Section
  • Jackie Drummond, Solid Waste Section
  • Jim Rudder, Brownfields Program
  • Rick Bolich, Water Quality Regional Operations Section, DWR
  • Morella S. King, Water Quality Regional Operations Section, DWR
  • Mike Templeton, Water Quality Permitting Section, DWR
  • David Lilley, Division of Waste Management
  • Sandy Mort, Division of Waste Management


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