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Welcome to the North Carolina Geological Survey's Resource Hub. This database is curated by geologists at the Survey and contains links to resources that may be of use to anyone with the goal of teaching Earth science - especially in a K-12, formal education context. We continually populate this list with things like posters, videos, activities, field trip guides, and reference material.

This database contains some resources developed here at the Geological Survey and other external resources that get our "seal of approval." Resources developed by the Survey will specify NCGS as the "source." Please be aware of when a link will direct you away from our website. An external resource will specify a different source, and its link will be followed by this symbol: The symbol that denotes an external link.

How to Use this Database

The resources contained in this database are categorized by Name, Source, Type (video, activity, etc.), Materials, Topics, Essential Standards, and Engagement Time. The search box above the table responds as you type and will filter the resources to those that contain all of the keywords you specify. Start by typing the most relevant keyword, and then add more to further refine the results.

  • "radioactive decay activity" 
  • "activity 8.E.2.1" 
  • "activity about radioactive decay"  - the search bar will understand "about" as a keyword and probably return nothing.

This Database is Growing

The primary point of contact for this repository is Education and Outreach Geologist Amy Pitts. Please reach out if you would like to "nominate" a resource for the Hub, or if you have any ideas about how this page might better serve your needs.





Topics / Keywords

Essential Standards

Engagement Time

Radioactive Dice



Handouts; 50 dice (or NCGS Radioactive Dice Kit)

radioactive decay; radiometric dating; absolute dating; exponential decay; half-life

8.E.2.1; Chm.1.1.4; NC.8.F; NC.M3.F; NC.AF.1.03

60 - 120 minutes

The Teacher-Friendly Guide to the Earth Science of the Southeastern US

Paleontological Research Institution



historical geology; mineral resources; fossils; topography; geomorphology; North Carolina specific

3.E.2.2; 4.E.2.1; 4.E.2.2; 4.E.2.3; 4.L.1.4; 6.E.2.1; 6.E.2.2; 6.E.2.3; 6.E.2.4; 8.P.2.1; 8.P.2.2; 8.E.2.1; 8.E.2.2; Een.2.1.1; Een.2.1.2; Een.2.1.3; Een.2.1.4;

Cartography Treasure Hunt
[Teacher Sumary (.doc)]
[Activity (.doc)]




cartography; map making; spatial reasoning

K.V.1; 1.V.1; 2.V.1; 3.V.1; 4.V.1; 5.V.1; K.P.1; K.G.1; 1.G.1; 2.G.1

90 minutes

Evaporite Basins at Home
[Teacher Summary (.doc)]
[Activity (.doc)]



handouts; salt; water; string; pencil; jar

evaporite minerals; depositional environments; mediterranean; precipitation; solubility; salt

6.P.2; 8.P.1; 8.E.1; 8.E.2

45 minutes + several weeks of observation

Mineral Resources in Smartphones
[Teacher Summary (.doc)]
[Activity (.doc)]




minerals; mining; research; industry

EEn.2.2; EEn.2.8; ISTE.3; W.11; W.12

> 60 minutes