WSW Model Ordinances

Proposed Updated WSW Model Ordinance

The Updated Draft Water Supply Watershed Model Ordinance is being considered by the EMC's Water Quality Committee at their July 7, 2021 meeting.  The final, approved version will be posted on this web site.
Summary of Changes in the Proposed Updated WSW Model Ordinance:
  • Article 100:  Some definitions added and some changed to improve clarity
  • Articles 200 and 300:  Minor changes to improve clarity
  • Article 400:  Allowed/Not Allowed Use table and Density Average section added, Density and Built-Upon Area table updated per 2019 rules
  • Articles 500 and 600:  minor changes to improve clarity
  • Organization:  Definitions section moved from end to beginning, footnotes consolidated and moved to end

Current WSW Model Ordinance

  • Main Body
  • Appendix A - (i) Application for Watershed Subdivision Approval, (ii) Application for a Watershed Protection Permit
  • Appendix B - Watershed Review Board (Board of Adjustment)Rules of Procedure, Appeals, and Variances 
  • Appendix C - High Density Requirements