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Recycling Works Newsletter

The Recycling Business Assistance Center (RBAC), within DEACS, helps support and grow recycling industries through technical assistance and partnerships. RBAC's quarterly newletter discusses current topics of interest to recycling businesses, including information on financing opportunities, commodity markets and new technologies.

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Recycling Education

DEACS has resources available to help local governments, schools and recycling haulers promote recycling and educate their audiences:
  • Posters, handouts, and ready-to-post social media messaging about what goes in the recycling bin and what stays out
  • Recycling campaigns tailored to specific age groups
  • Promotional giveaway materials (available to local governments and schools)

DEACS Press Releases

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P2assist is a dynamic forum for anyone interested in discussing and sharing information regarding environmental issues. Users include businesses, industries, governments, consultants and environmental stakeholders. This DEACS-sponsored listserv is for the sharing of environmental and technical ideas, and a place to seek guidance and assistance from peers in practicing pollution prevention.
NC GreenTravel
NC GreenTravel Listserv is a free mailing list dedicated to promoting and sharing information about creating and maintaining environmentally sustainable lodging properties, restaurants, parks, museums, attractions, resorts and other"green" travel-oriented businesses. The listserv is a free venue for making announcements, comments, sharing solutions, and asking questions about issues relevant to "greening" the travel industry, however advertising and promoting products and services is not allowed.