DSCA Remediation Unit

The DSCA Remediation Unit manages the assessment and cleanup of dry-cleaning solvent contaminated sites certified in the DSCA Program.  Using a risk-based approach, the Remediation Unit cleans up dry-cleaning solvent contamination in water, soil, building materials, and air to safe levels.

A site becomes certified when a petitioner (a current or former dry-cleaning business owner, or current or former property owner) enters into an assessment and remediation agreement with the Division of Waste Management (DWM).  Entry into the program is voluntary and all work is completed by state-lead environmental engineering firms. Most of the assessment and remediation costs are paid by the fund with the petitioner(s) responsible for a co-pay of 1-2%. The benefits of having the DSCA Program assess and clean-up dry-cleaning solvent contamination are summarized in this Fact Sheet.

If dry-cleaning solvent contamination is found on your site and you wish to petition the site into the DSCA Remediation Program, please complete and submit the Petitioner Questionnaire.  Laboratory results documenting the soil and/or groundwater contamination should be submitted along with the questionnaire to help ensure that the site is eligible.

Active dry-cleaners petitioning into the cleanup program will need to be in compliance with DSCA Minimum Management Practices and all other applicable requirements in order to be eligible.

For additional information, please contact:

Billy Meyer, Remediation Unit Supervisor, (919)707-8366

Remediation Unit Staff


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