Reciprocity (WW)

NC does not offer "direct" reciprocity, however, operators holding wastewater certifications from other states may sit for the appropriate level exam.  If they successfully pass that exam, certification is granted at that level.

The ‘reciprocity’ granted to an operator may enter our program at the level corresponding to their out of state certification, and they are not required to attend any training schools prior to the exam (all other candidates are).


Rule: 15A NCAC 08G .0410 Reciprocity Certification

(a) The Commission shall issue certification(s) to individuals certified in other States or legal jurisdictions if the individuals:

(1) meet or exceed all eligibility requirements or the equivalent thereof as determined by the Commission as found in Rules .0302 to .0308 of the Section, with the exception of completion of approved training,

(2) complete Application for Reciprocity Form and submit it with the appropriate non-refundable fee as specified in G.S. 90A-42,

(3) provide a letter of verification from certifying State agency that applicant is certified at stated level and that no disciplinary actions are outstanding against the applicant, and

(4) apply for and achieve a passing score on a Commission-administered examination of the same type and grade as that for which reciprocity certification is being requested. The requirement for completion of approved training is waived in the case of applicants pursuant to this Rule.

(b) Applicants pursuant to this Rule must not have taken and failed to achieve a passing score on a Commission – administered examination of the same type and grade as that for which reciprocity certification is being requested, within the previous two year period prior to the date of application for reciprocity.

(c) Applicants failing to achieve a passing score on three or more examinations of the same type and grade as that for which certification is being requested, must successfully complete approved training for that certification before being eligible for that examination.

(d) Applicants who obtain certification by providing false information to the Commission shall be subject to disciplinary actions as set forth in Section .0800 of this Subchapter.

Resources to prepare for the exam:


See the NTK document for the exam you are applying for.