Operator Certification


The following Operator Rules are up for revision and readoption later this year:
15A NCAC 08G Wastewater
15A NCAC 08F Animal Waste
15A NCAC 18D Drinking Water

To learn how you can participate in the rules revision process, please go to: PROPOSED RULES

Public comment period is March 15 - May 14, 2018


Animal Waste Drinking Water Wastewater

The state's certification programs serve to:

• Protect the public health;
• Conserve and protect the water resources of the state;
• Protect public investment in water treatment facilities;
• Provide for the classification of treatment facilities;
• Administer examinations for treatment facility operators; and
• Certify the competency of treatment facility operators.

Operator Portal (Instructions):

1. Create: Free NCID account

2. Log in: Certified Operator Portal

Certified Operator Portal