Wastewater Operator Certification: Training

Operator Certification does not conduct training classes. Many private agencies, community colleges, universities and individuals do conduct them. The list on this site will assist in determining when and where courses may be offered. Information is updated as we receive it from approved training providers. Questions regarding specific locations, dates and pricing should be directed to the training provider

NC Approved schools and continuing education for certficed wastewater operators:

Initial Certification Schools (for exams)

Continuing Education Classes


CE Approval Request Form

Training Provider Instructions & Requirements

Web Submittal - Instructions

App Submittal
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CE Roster

NC Approved Online CE classes for certified wastewater operators (NOT eligible for AW credits):

CEU Plan.com

360 Water.com

Approved Environment, Inc

NC Rural Water Association

NC811 (Howard Corey) - 336-317-5999

TPC Training Inc.