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Electronic Permitting

Electronic Applications

The Non-Discharge Branch is transitioning to electronic permitting. The transition will be over an extended period of time. The new permit applications will require a paper and electronic application.  Eventually, applications will be solely electronic. The electronic upload link below can be used to upload applications, annual reports, certifications, etc. Permittees and consultants are encouraged to begin utilizing this upload form. By submitting an electronic application, one less paper application can be submitted.

Electronic applications are uploaded via this link:  Electronic Application Upload

If you have any questions, please contact Tessa Monday at (919) 707-3660. 

Upload Instructions:

Digital Permit Files

Digital permit files can be found using DWR’s Document Management System.  
Files are arranged by Regional Office and then permit number. To search for documents, use the search box on the top of the page.  Please use this database before requesting files from DWR staff.
Note: The electronic file is supplemental and does not represent a complete file.  Files dates reflect when the document was received, and not when the application was deemed complete. 
Open records requests for Non-Discharge files should be emailed to Kendall Williams.