Fast-track Stormwater Permitting

Fast Track Stormwater Permitting Process

Session Law 2013-82 required DEQ to convene a stakeholder team to help develop fast-track permitting rules for issuing state stormwater permits without an initial technical review by DEQ staff.  Fast track permits must be prepared by a qualified professional who will certify that the as-built project will comply with all Minimum Design Criteria (MDC). The new Fast Track Stormwater Permitting Process rules became effective January 1, 2017.


  • The Fast Track Stormwater Permitting Process is only available for projects required to apply for a state stormwater permit from DEQ.  When a local government is the permitting authority, consult with the local government regarding their permitting process.
  • Not all projects will be eligible for permitting under the Fast Track Process.  Review the eligibility requirements on the ATC permit application form for more information.
  • You have choices!  Even if your project is eligible for the Fast Track Process, you may choose to apply for a stormwater permit under the Standard Permitting Process.


Form Instructions Application Fee Permit Term
Stormwater Fast Track Authorization to Construct (ATC) Application Form
- for use prior to start of construction or for transfer of unexpired ATC permit to new permittee
Fast Track ATC Application Instructions $505 5 years
Stormwater Fast Track Final Permit Application Form
- for use upon completion of construction
  $505 8 years
As-Built Certification
- for use upon completion of construction