DW Operator Certification: Reciprocity

(certified in other states)


North Carolina does not offer a direct reciprocity procedure, but instead has an out-of-state certification procedure. Anyone wishing to obtain a North Carolina Water Treatment Facility Operator Certification will always be required to pass a certification exam. Your current and active certification from another state may allow you to immediately be eligible for a more advanced level of exam and may allow you to bypass any requirements relating to completing a certification school.

To qualify for consideration, you will need to:

  • complete the Out of State application
  • provide all requested documents
  • pay a $50 application processing/exam fee

At the next Certification Board meeting, the Board will review your active certification to see what it is equivalent to in North Carolina and you will then be eligible to take that exam at the next available opportunity. Please note that you must either be a legal resident of North Carolina, employed in North Carolina, or have a firm job offer from a North Carolina employer.

If you have questions about reciprocity or need more information,
please contact Stephen Denning at 919-707-9039.