DW Operator Certification: WTFOCB

NC Water Treatment Facility Operator Certification Board


          March 16, 2021 - Location TBD

    • To protect the public health and to conserve and protect the water resources of the state
    • To protect the public investment in water treatment facilities
    • To provide for the classifying of public water treatment facilities
    • To require the examination of water treatment facility operators and the certification of their competency to supervise the operation of water treatment facilities
    • To establish the procedures for such classification and certification
    • To provide for the certification of personnel operating the distribution portion of a water treatment facility.
    If you are interested in becoming a member of the Water Treatment Facility Operators Certification Board, please click here and then go to the Current Openings tab to apply.
    If you have questions about the process, please contact Stephen Denning at 919.707.9039.
    Current Members
    • A director of utilities, water superintendent, or equivalent position with a NC municipality
      • Sam Call, Wilkesboro, CHAIRMAN
    • Water treatment facility operator
      • Tiffanie Hawley, Carrboro
    • Employed by private water utility or private industry and who is responsible for the operation or supervision of a water supply and treatment facility
      • Jonathan Pons, Icard
    • Manager of a NC municipality using a surface water supply
      • Ann Wall, Greenville
    • Not certified or regulated under this Article, representing the interest of the public at large
      • Sarah Long, Durham
    • Employed by the DEQ and working in the field of water supply;
      • Linda Raynor, Raleigh
    • Manager of a NC municipality using a treated groundwater supply
      • Kim Greenwood, Walnut Cove
    • Faculty member of a college or university whose major field is related to water supply
      • Dr. Orlando Coronell, Chapel Hill



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