Certified Laboratory Listings

Lists of certified laboratories may be found at the following links. These lists are updated approximately every 6 months which means THEY ARE NOT UPDATED IN REAL TIME and the certification status of a laboratory may change and not be reflected in these lists. For questions about the certification status of a laboratory or about the scope of accreditation, contact this office at (919) 733-3908 or contact the laboratory directly.

Laboratory Type List Last Updated
Commercial In-state 8/2021
Commercial Out-of-state 8/2021
Commercial Certified for 624.1  8/2021
Commercial Certified for EPH Analysis 8/2021
Commercial Certified for VPH Analysis 8/2021
Commercial  Certified for Hg by EPA 1631 8/2021
Commercial Certified for Animal Waste Nutrient Management Analysis 8/2021
Commercial Certified for E. coli Analysis 8/2021
Commercial Mobile Commercial Laboratories (none at this time) 8/2021
Municipal and Industrial Operated by an IndustryMunicipality or Other Local Government 8/2021
Field Commercial Certified to Analyze only *Field Parameters for a Fee 8/2021
Field Municipal and Field Industrial Certified to Analyze only *Field Parameters 8/2021

*Field parameters include: pH, DO, Total Residual Chlorine, Free Available Chlorine, Temperature, Specific Conductance, Settleable Residue, Turbidity, Salinity, Sulfite and VAR Options 5, 6 and 12. Note: Commercial, municipal, industrial and other laboratories may also be certified to analyze field parameters in addition to the non-field parameters under their non-field certification.

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