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Certified Laboratory Listings

Lists of certified laboratories may be found at the following links. These lists are updated annually. If an error is found or if you have questions, contact the site administrator.

Laboratory Type List Last Updated
Commercial In-state 6/23/2017
Commercial Out-of-state 6/23/2017
Commercial Certified for Leachable Lead 6/23/2017
Commercial Certified for EPH Analysis 6/23/2017
Commercial Certified for VPH Analysis 6/23/2017
Commercial  Certified for Hg by EPA 1631 6/23/2017
Commercial Certified for Animal Waste Nutrient Management Analysis 6/23/2017
Commercial Certified for E. coli Analysis 6/23/2017
Commercial Mobile Commercial Laboratories 6/23/2017
Municipal and Industrial Operated by an IndustryMunicipality or Other Local Government 6/23/2017
Field Commercial Certified to Analyze only *Field Parameters for a Fee 6/23/2017
Field Municipal and Field Industrial Certified for only *Field Parameters 6/23/2017

*Field parameters include: pH, DO, Total Residual Chlorine, Temperature, Specific Conductance and Settleable Residue. Note: Commercial, municipal, industrial and other laboratories may also be certified to analyze field parameters in addition to the non-field parameters under their non-field certification.

The certification status of a laboratory may change at any time. For questions about the certification status of a laboratory or about the scope of accreditation, contact this office at (919) 733-3908 or contact the laboratory directly.