Non-Field Policies

Municipal, Industrial, Commercial and Other Laboratories

The following section provides a list of interpretive rules and policy statements issued by the NC WW/GW Laboratory Certification program. They are meant to clarify existing legislative rules or to provide guidance where a rule does not exist. Where multiple editions of a single reference source may be approved for reporting purposes and where these approved methods may have conflicting or unclear requirements, the NC WW/GW LC program may adopt a single policy based on a single edition to provide consistency in analytical reporting. Even when citing an alternate reference edition, laboratories must adhere to the NC WW/GW LC policy requirement. 

Parameter Policy Rev Date
General Quality Control Error Corrections     11/30/2007 
  Servicing Analytical Balances    12/22/2007
  Calibration Verification for Colorimetric, Ion Electrode and Metals Analyses   2  02/18/2014
  Weight Verification     05/23/2008
  IR Thermometer Calibration (now included in Thermometer Calibration and Verification Policy)    n/a
  Second Source Standards  1  07/08/2010
  Matrix Spiking - also refer to the Technical Assistance document by clicking here. 4  02/23/2018
  Traceability of Chemicals, Reagents, Standards and Materials  1  12/10/2009
  Electrode Slope/Efficiency Documentation     10/02/2013
  Qualifying Data   1  04/06/2011
  Chemical, Reagent and Consumable Expiration Dates     01/07/2009
  Correlation Coefficient for Linear Calibration Curves   2  12/23/2014
  Pipettor Calibration    03/25/2009
  Analyzing PT Samples in the Same Manner as Environmental Samples  3  05/31/2011
  Manual Integration    04/09/2010
  Electronic Data Storage, Signature and Reporting Policy    04/09/2010
  Blank Acceptance Criterion  2  02/17/2014
  In-line Meter Calibration/Verification    01/01/2006
  Required Documentation for Preservation and Hold Time    10/30/2014
  Thermometer Calibration and Verification Policy *new*   08/30/2018
  Linear Dynamic Range/Linear Calibration Range Verification   11/10/2014
  Factory Set Curve Verification *new*    10/05/2018
  SW-846 Method Implementation *new*   10/05/2018
  Titrant Standardization *new*   05/07/2019
Chlorophyll Chlorophyll Sample Collection, Preservation and Holding Time Policy *new*   10/16/2018
TRC  Total Residual Chlorine - Sealed Standards in a Field Setting     12/22/2007
BOD Flagging QC Failures in BOD Data  4  08/26/2014
  BOD - Checking DO Meter for Drift    07/09/2012
  Seed Correction Factor Acceptance Criterion    04/24/2013
  Measuring BOD/CBOD Sample Volumes    04/15/2013
  Reporting Limit Policy    04/24/2013
  Neutralizing Total Residual Chlorine in BOD Samples   10/30/2014
CBOD CBOD GGA Standard Acceptance Criterion  2 11/04/2013
  Seed Correction Factor Acceptance Criterion    04/24/2013
  Measuring BOD/CBOD Sample Volumes    04/15/2013
  Reporting Limit Policy    04/24/2013
Residue TSS Reporting Limit  2  09/25/2014
  TSS Blank Initial Constant Weight  2  07/03/2014
  TS and TDS Reporting Limit   2  09/29/2014
  TSS, TDS and TS Constant Weight/Drying Time Verification    03/09/2009
Ammonia/Fluoride Ammonia and Fluoride Distillation Study Requirements - Also refer to the Ammonia/Fluoride Distillation Technical Assistance document here. 3 04/09/2019
Conductivity Automatic Temperature Compensator (ATC) Verification    02/01/2006
Bacteria Quanti-Tray Sealer Check  2


  Fecal Coliform MF Consumables Testing  4 02/07/2017
  Fecal Coliform Reporting  3 11/15/2017
  Fecal Coliform Sample Bottle Sterility  


  Fecal Coliform MF Culture Positive  


  Fecal Coliform MF  Reagent Water Testing 3 02/16/2018
OIL & GREASE Oil and Grease Duplicates   03/10/2016
Turbidity Turbidity Sample Dilution 2 02/13/2019
  Turbidity Standards   06/24/2016
VAR Option 3 DO Measurement    10/31/2017
  Option 3 Minimum Sample Volume   09/20/2018

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